If your company wants social data to crunch through in a hurry, it needs access to the raw streams coming from the social media giants. Gnip is doing a great job of syndicating these and has added Tumblr to the likes of Twitter and Facebook feeds that it sells access to.

The Power of Metrics

Building user profiles, finding suitable advertising partners, generating metrics and the endless other opportunities afforded by sudden access to terabytes of data is a great thing. Getting access to that data is a little harder, but for enterprises willing to pay for some 90 billion events a month, Gnip offers a shiny giant spigot.

The company offers APIs providing access to the masses of data generated by the social media giants of this world including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and now, a new pipe in Tumblr. That might seem a little strange in the short, sharp and snappy context of most content. However, with analysis getting smarter and enterprises looking for more relevant content to link into, partner with, or otherwise find value in, the move provides analysts with some deeper level of content.

Big Brand Action

Gnip also notes that some brand activities can take place within the confines of Tumblr with almost no one else outside noticing. Being able to access and jump into those conversations could be key for those looking for higher-market opportunities.


Gnip has all the social data you'll ever need

And, if you think Tumblr is still a fairly small source of information, check out these stats. It hosts 50 million new posts every day, 15 billion page views every month, 20 billion total posts and saw some 300% traffic growth last year.

So, if you're company is in need of analytics head to Gnip, but if you want a longer form of social conversation, perhaps your brand or company should be heading to Tumblr.