Google used to hate advertising, in fact it was proud that others did its advertising for it. That's not the case with Google+, so the company has had to produce some promos to show off the service.

The Power of Circles

Spending a lot of time focusing on the flexibility and power of its Circles feature, Google has launched the first in a series of advertisements for Google+. While the idea is simple, it is explained elegantly and without shouting or bleating at users.

Quite how many of us have an "Epic Bros" circle is up for question, but it gets across the message of distinct social groups rather well. Google is gradually adding new features to the service in a slow but sure approach, but now needs to drive growth to prevent it being cast aside as an afterthought by users.


Age Restriction

Many responses to the advert have been from teens not allowed in under Google's 18+ policy. While this is something that adults might appreciate, the teen audience can really drive the dynamism of social media, so expect that to vanish sooner rather than later.

The adverts also increase the likelihood of other social networks increasing their media spend, particularly with the holiday season approach and folks being split up or reunited, with people turning to their smartphone or tablet to stay in touch.