MySpace announced their data portability initiative way back in May, but haven't had much to say about it since, spending more time on user experience enhancements such as Profile 2.0. Well now they've finally come out of the closet and made some announcements regarding their latest service MySpaceID and connecting to Google's Friend Connect. Should Facebook be looking worried?

MySpace on Data Portability and Friend Connect

Data portability, security and social activity seem to go hand in hand frequently and MySpace has made two big announcements on what they are doing to counteract one and drive the others home.

MySpace has opted to go with Open Stack as their new data portability and security source, selecting OpenSocial, OAuth and OpenID to build its service called MySpaceID.

On top of the new data portability features, MySpace has also announced that they are going to include Google Friend Connect, which Facebook has yet opted to use. The melding of MySpace and Google in this manner will allow for MySpaceID partners to provide increased social functionality.

With Facebook’s number of users growing by leaps and bounds almost daily, MySpace has had a tough time keeping up with the once “school only” social network. Their announcements couldn’t have come at a better time, but is it enough?

The implementation of MySpaceID does have some limitations. While designed to provide data portability and an increased ability to find friends on third-party networks, MySpaceID will be limited to sites that will support it. Initial partners include NetVibes and Vodafone.

The Future of the Social Web

With players like Google stepping in and making “alliances” with Facebook it's all starting to feel like a reality TV show, but it also means big things for the future of the social web. It certainly means that no one online is exempt from the social web.

Services like Tarpipe, Buzzable, HashMT, Sproutmixer, MySpace, Facebook and whole list of others are making the web an exciting place to be. Gone are the days of “surfing” the net. The world wants interaction and purpose as much in the virtual world as it does in real life.

With announcements like MySpaceID, they are getting it more and more each day. Despite the limitations of MySpaceID, it does throw a wrench in the pounding pace Facebook has set.

So goes the social network wars…public driven and moving at the speed of light.

More interaction and social-ness to come…