As the battle for social information on the go heats up, has Facebook (news, site) hit the right note with its latest edition of the iPhone app?

The official Facebook for the iPhone 3.0 app is due for release on the App Store, once it has passed Apple's review process. It has been over a year since v2 was warmly received (it is installed on over a quarter of all iPhones) but was hardly the revolution everyone was expecting.

The Face-Off For Social Domination

Facebook App 3.0 makes up for that with a new interface, and video and photo apps to drag the program into the media age. iPhone users can now create new albums and post their photos to them and then tag people in photos. Friends can be called or texted if you need to get in touch with them immediately and notifications have been improved with direct links to the right page.


Photos and video come to Facebook for iPhone

Additional features include an improved news feed, the "like" feature and it will remember what you were doing if you quit out to answer a call. the push notification feature won't make it into 3.0, but shouldn't be too far behind in version 3.1. The new front end makes the program look more iPhone like and makes the most commonly used Facebook features available instantly. Video can be uploaded from iPhone 3GS models, this feature was a late addition, so expect refinements in future.


The new front-end should be easier to navigate

With endless Twitter applications flooding the iPhone store, commentators have been wondering if Facebook was on the back foot. This application certainly looks like bringing it back to the forefront. Keep an eye on the App Store for its release. Although ironically, I bet most people read about its release on Twitter first.