Affino Offers Community-Enhanced eCommerce Solution

eMojo (news, site), a British eCommerce specialist, is offering a new and enhanced version of its Affino eBusiness Suite that speeds up development for non-technical types and helps add a sense of community to your online store.

We Want Them Here, and We Want Them Now

"Rapid development" is probably among the top -three phrases that new companies, or those expanding into online markets want to hear most (right up there with "free" and "it works"). Nobody wants to spend months in prototyping and development, which is where Affino eBusiness Suite could come in useful.

The latest release is aimed at speeding up creation time and helping to tie in all the features typical of social sites such as Facebook, MySpace and so on to help create, buzz, hits and sales.

Capable of helping to create a single boutique site or hundreds of eCommerce stores, Affino consists of many parts, including web content management, digital asset management and eCommerce systems. The freshly updated Design Center helps in the speed respect with a highly visual control and design system.


Offering both style and content, Affino makes store creation more understandable

The main control panel has been revamped to give immediate access to key performance indicators and to allow direct management of content, design and settings. SEO and analytics tools have also been significantly enhanced, to increase traffic to sites and improve conversion rates.


Affino's dashboard packs in more data and detail

Affino speeds up development by using instant preview of every element, so you can see when it is going right, or wrong. Then, there is smart copy that allows instant creation of new pages to an existing style. With over 60 menus, forms and styles plus other design elements, the "right-looking" page can be created quickly and then populate it.

Build a Sense of Community

Among the many other parts of Affino's Suite is the social marketplace, mixing social networking and shopping, helping to improve the stickiness of store. It can also incorporate a full range of media, including podcasts, video and imagery. You can even set up a WebTV station.

If you have a store that concentrates on specific themes (say a sports team), then it makes sense to keep fans coming back by adding a forum. Alternately, if you have sell wider ranges of goods then loyalty schemes, VIP memberships and other incentives to keep them coming back. Stores with constant inventory updates could have a blog to keep customers informed of what's new while chat and other social features can also create compelling reasons for visitors to keep coming back.

Managing all this could be complicated, but features like the Personal Content Profiles and Social Seminars modules can help.

Affino starts at £ 250 (US$ 408) a month.