Autonomy Interwoven Combines WCM, Search, Rich Media in Single Platform
Autonomy (news, site) is announcing major enhancements for its web content management system Autonomy Interwoven. How does integrated WCM, search, optimization and rich media grab you? Exactly.

A Platform for the Modern Web

That's what Autonomy is calling Interwoven today. One thing you have to give their marketing department credit for -- catchy phrases. But what exactly does it mean?

There are three primary areas of improvement for the Autonomy Interwoven platform:

  1. Global Deployments
  2. Delivery of Targeted, Dynamic Content
  3. Integration of Rich Media

Global Deployments

Users of Teamsite now have dependency management, automatic language detection and the ability to cluster conceptually related content. All this helps improve how content is displayed in different regions and across languages.

Installation and administration have been improved and streamlined through a centralized admin console.

And to help the marketing folks get their content out faster, the WCM now has "surf and edit" capabilities like in-line editing, and integration with MS Office.

Delivery of Targeted, Dynamic Content

There are a whole lot of content delivery options out there today that companies may use. You may not want to deliver your content to an environment that is the same as your CMS. LiveSite has been enhanced to allow you to do that, dynamically displaying content to environments such as Flash, AJAX and .NET.

At the same time, this new capabilities helps deliver content to any channel, be it mobile app, portal or eCommerce site. And new targeting capabilities -- both explicit and implicit -- work across all channels.

There are improvements for eCommerce sites that include intelligent recommendations, directed navigation, merchandising and advanced search marketing.

And Autonomy Interwoven now provides Multivariate Testing with its web content management system.

Integration of Rich Media

Autonomy Interwoven will leverage Autonomy Virage MediaBin for its digital assets. MediaBin tags all content, presenting digital assets though a rich media interface. A browser-based graphic file editor provides the ability to edit graphics directly on a web page.

Enhancements to Speed the Delivery of Solutions

All these new enhancements will go along way towards helping organizations develop a web presence that is both global and cross channel. These improvements are things many Web CMS vendors are either delivering today or working on to stay competitive.

Although it is not powered by the Autonomy IDOL engine, FatWare is another Web CMS vendor who springs to mind when hearing about some of these improvements listed above. In fact, they just recently added asset management via a tight partnership with EMC. SDL is another with much of the same capabilities.

This is all great functionality, but is there enough new here to make you choose Autonomy Interwoven?