blogger_logo_10.jpg (news, site) was supposed to be down for an hour of planned maintenance on Wednesday, but the outage lasted far into Thursday, heralding a major update.

Don't Panic...

...was the original strapline to this article, but we may as well change it to "Panic!" as Blogger has now been down overnight, apparently taking the last day's posts with it. Those posts should come back up with the site, and Blogger's Twitter account is doing a good job of keeping folks informed, and apologising to affected users.

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After the troubles at Amazon and Sony last month, it's only natural to get twitchy when a service goes down. So, Blogger's extended downtime, with the site running in read-only mode, with no one able to create or comment on posts, was starting to cause concern beyond the usual panic among twitchy Twitterers. Eventually service was restored some, after over six hours.

A post on Twitter announced the planned maintenance, but there was no update on progress, even after the resumption of services. However, there was a link posted to an April blog update announcing changes to the Google blogging system.


Blogger is down for far longer than expected

New, Improved

That recent post suggested that a new and improved Blogger was coming, and it appears that it is being rolled out from today and will gradually hit users over the coming week or so. The new Blogger has been rewritten from the ground up with new web technology to improve the way that it works and to make updates easier to manage in future.

We'll provide more news when available and take a look at the new and the technology behind it when the service is back up and running for all users in all its new glory. If you use Blogger and get upgraded early, let us know what you think of it.