CrownPeak (news, site) is joining the many companies adding social publishing features to their web content managment packages. They allow a company's message to be spread far and wide -- and more importantly, consistently -- across the social Web.

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With social networks emerging and growing at phenomenal rates, it is increasingly hard for a company to put out a consistent message. To aid CrownPeak users, the company has added a social media interface to its SaaS Content Marketing Suite.

This enables a single article, document or message to be created, approved, archived and automatically posted across any social networks that the company participates in.


CrownPeak - Get your message out effectively to social sites

Companies do not join social sites out of the kindness of their hearts. The aim is to achieve some level of return on investment, either by raising the profile of the company or product, using the social site as a contact point/forum or as an advertising base. Integrating its new social media interface allows CrownPeak users to put across their message quickly and efficiently.

The Social Media Publishing Console helps seamlessly tie-in access to all of a company's social network accounts; Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and the herd of other sites. The console adds a number of useful features, beyond just helping post messages:

  • Centralized Management: Manage all of the different network accounts. Save time and effort with publishing tools that automatically update your networks.
  • Workflow: The console helps the content strategy by allowing messages to be governed by a workflow system before they are approved to go live.
  • Archiving: Content can be saved and archived within one central repository. Marketing content can be archived, versioned and retrieved like any other content stored in the CMS.
  • Content Re-use: Re-using content in a social media setting is critical for brand managers trying to maintain consistency.
  • Search: Determine trends and patterns as the volume of social media marketing content increases. The console uses analytics to illustrate keywords or trends for the content being published.
  • Trackability: As content marketing for social media becomes key for online marketers, allowing social media to be tracked and measured will be a key strategic initiative. Content can be tied to landing pages where conversions and visits can be measured and tracked.

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The Social Media Publishing Console is offered to CrownPeak users as part of the CrownPeak Content Marketing Suite with no extra licensing fees. There is typically a one-time implementation fee and coordination with the client for the various social networks they would like to update. Additionally, CrownPeak can provide professional services to help clients with more advanced integration or publishing needs.