site executive enhancement pack 5
It’s a mobile, mobile world, folks. Numerically speaking, in October 2008 CTIA reported more than 262 million wireless subscribers in the United States alone. Think that’s hefty? Try on 3.3 billion (worldwide) for size.

On the list of companies bending over backwards to comply with one of the fastest global dispersions of technology *ever* is Systems Alliance. Though their offerings usually target non-techies specifically, the recent release of SiteExecutive Enhancement Pack 5 (EP 5) aims to simplify mobile browsing for everyone.

Three Cheers for Automation

In the past, Systems Alliance’s solution for mobile browsing was to offer users of their Web content management software the option of adding media-dependent style based sheets for handhelds. The main problem with this method, however, was a lack of support for the W3C CSS 2 standard among popular mobile browsers.

The new and improved approach in SiteExecutive EP 5 combines the automatic detection of mobile browsers with a nifty process called template swapping.

With EP 5, visitors arriving from a mobile device are recognized and the desktop webpage is then auto swapped for a new page created with a phone-friendly template. The “Sibling” template is reportedly pretty low maintenance compared to media-specific CSS in that it doesn’t take much to configure.

If this is true, it certainly means only good things for all the site owners and content authors who grimace at the thought of the creation and delivery of mobile-friendly content.

Gettin’ Down with IE 8 (and other cool stuff)

What would an enhancement pack be without brand new functionality in addition to its main reason for release? Along with the new mobile content management and delivery strategy, here are some other SiteExecutive EP 5 notables:

  • IE 8 Certification – The SiteExecutive administrative interface is certified for use with Internet Explorer 8
  • Spam Management Interface – New interface users evaluate and retrieve automatically detected spam form submissions
  • Blog Usability and Display – EP 5 provides greater control over the display and styling of blog components, and display of blog posts
  • External Redirects – New management interface lets users configure external redirects from the SiteExecutive interface, rather than the Web server
  • SEO Friendly Profiles – EP 5 delivers profiles with human readable URIs, and provides control over browser title and other data in the head section of profiles

Poking Along

It's no secret that Systems Alliance has been a little behind in terms of functionality. We wished for social networking capabilities and (sorta) got 'em when they offered profile directory enhancements in SiteExecutive 4.1. Thankfully, things looked legitimately trendy with the blog capabilities added to the enhancement pack that followed (EP 4), but that was after word on the e-street was that the blog was being left behind for lifestreaming.

If Systems Alliance manages to do everything it claims with SiteExecutive EP 5, an obvious detour from their usual focus, it could quite possibly give them the boost they've so diligently been searching for. 

For the latest SiteExecutive information and other offerings from Systems Alliance, head on over to their website.