The ASP.Net CMS from Kentico is now ready for a major refresh. With a successful beta hot off the server and over 100 pages of improvements and changes, the company is now shipping its new product.

Rolling a Sweet Six

Last month Kentico launched the beta of its heavily upgraded CMS and now the finished product is ready to ship, just in time for the Kentico Connection events in Denver this month and Prague in October. Kentico 6 comes with a new interface, performance monitoring, improved Azure and HTML5 support, plus marketing features for enterprises.

A new product line has been added to the package options, with the Small Business CMS and packages costing from US$ 4499, while the new Kentico Enterprise CMS edition costs from US$14,999 with online marketing and additional enterprise features. Read the full pricing details on the Kentico blog. Naturally, there are hefty discounts for existing users.

The Full Package

The online marketing features include; contact management for web customers that also tracks their activity on your website, customer segmentation, lead and prospect identification plus the ability to personalize content for each visitor. There is also site testing, membership management and other features to handle customers in a modern and effective manner.

In Kentico 6.0 you also see the standard features like email marketing, newsletters and tracking services. Enterprise users will get system health monitoring, load balancing and scheduling services. You can hear more about these new enterprise-class features in the recent Kentico podcast.

With an unlimited site license going for US$ 39,999, Kentico is stepping into the higher cost brackets of mid-market CMS products, and seems to have the product to justify it. But, only time and user feedback will tell. Let us know if you're trying it out.