Kyte Launches New Web Content Management, Analytics Offering
Thanks to its numerous digital media capabilities, Kyte’s platform has already charmed its innovative little way into the hearts of many—including celebrities looking to share their activities with fans on an as-it-happens basis. 50 Cent and John Legend are among the famous clientele and both are known for using the platform to share mobile videos of their backstage shenanigans.

By engaging audiences in real-time multimedia communications, Kyte users can build and maintain large fan bases. Now, along for the ride with the intent to enhance the process is Kyte Dashboard -- a comprehensive, enterprise-grade content management and analytics solution.

All Kyte, All the Time

Kyte provides what they call an “end-to-end online and mobile solution”. With a target somewhere near all-encompassing, the platform is designed to help users with the production and broad distribution of digital content, as well as monetizing it.

Content is delivered online via Kyte’s Flash-based Kyte Player and to mobile audiences via their Branded Mobile Web offering. Consumers can easily embed branded Kyte channels on social networks, blogs and web sites, as well as share mobile versions of the channels via SMS text messaging.

Kyte’s potential of becoming a massively lucrative resource is augmented by their strategic partnerships with select media companies, mobile carriers and mobile device manufacturers, in addition to their continuing advancements and developments. (So far, so good. As of last summer, when compared to major competitors Qik, Livecast and Flixswagon, Kyte was in the leader in funding with over $23 million.)

One such development is newcomer Kyte Dashboard, a fresh feature of the platform that provides partners with comprehensive video uploading and management capabilities, multi-level content moderation and in-depth analytics reporting and visualization.

“We are providing companies with a complete, cost-effective, online and mobile video platform,” said Daniel Graf, CEO, Kyte. “Kyte Dashboard is a key component of our strategy and gives our partners the tools they need to manage content and measure performance.”

Dashboard-a-licious? Dashboard-Fierce? If I were a Dashboard?
(editor: pick one, please! They’re all plays on Beyonce songs since she’s in the images. Don’t hate me for loving to incorporate pop culture.)

The addition of Kyte Dashboard provides users with a single, simple and straight forward interface to manage all of their Kyte media and view insightful analytics. Three main modules make visual harmony:

Content Module

Kyte Dashboard’s content management module allows partners to upload and broadcast professionally produced content, change the order of shows that appear in a channel through simple drag and drop functionality, edit show metadata such as show title and description, and copy, delete and download media to their computer.


kyte content.png

 Kyte Content Module

The key features of the Content Module are:

  • Edit Show Order - Change the order shows appear in a channel using simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Edit Show Metadata - Easily edit show metadata including title and description and select show thumbnails by uploading a new image or selecting a specific show time to generate a thumbnail.
  • Copy, Download and Delete Shows - Easily copy shows to other channels, delete shows from your account and download media to your computer.
  • Upload Video Assets - Upload and publish video to easily produce new shows

Analytics Module

Really see how your content is doing! The analytics module provides valuable insight into engagement, distribution, production, advertising and user metrics. Partners can view analytics as tabular data or visualized charts at the account or channel level and over a specific range of time.

kyte analytics.png

Kyte Analytics Module

Moderation Module

Kyte Dashboard’s moderation capabilities enable companies to safely engage in viewer-generated content campaigns. Moderators can approve or reject viewer-contributed content, as well as ban or restore content flagged as inappropriate by other viewers.


kyte moderation.png

 Kyte Moderation Module

Kyte's Got Street Cred'

As we said, so far, so good. In addition to being endorsed by celebrities and coming out on top in funding, entertainment show Extra is also a big fan. And why wouldn't they be? They saw a 69% increase in their traffic, in part, because of their use of Kyte. Check out what they had to say about it here.

Not Everyone's In the Sky with Kyte

A major complaint when it comes to Kyte is, ironically, that they're doing a little too much for a media broadcasting service.

The thing is, we're not really sure Kyte can be classified as part of that niche anymore. A quality that holds them in a distinctly different place from popular broadcasting services like YouTube is that Kyte is not, as they say, a destination.

As a self-proclaimed "enabling technology platform," they have no interest in creating traffic to their website. Rather, Kyte enables others to increase traffic to their own destinations, engage visitors and broaden the reach of their digital content across the web and mobile devices. The Dashboard addition beefs up this claim, and happy users abound:

“Kyte Dashboard gives us insight into how our viewers are engaging with our brand,” said Kelly Davies, producer, “We are able to see how many people are watching our Kyte shows, which types of shows are the most popular, and then leverage that feedback to make more informed decisions on what we produce. In addition, the content moderation module provides the control we need to safely engage our brand in viewer generated content programs.”