Vasont and Lionbridge Unite on Localization Front
With more and more organizations taking global content management and localization more seriously, the race for the best translation management solution is on. Most recently, a new solution by Vasont and Lionbridge made it to the market. The challenge here is not only to provide an efficient solution for managing and translating content, but also to translate the importance of global content management to customers. Vasont Systems, a provider of component content management solutions, integrated its Vasont Content Management System (CMS) with Freeway, the Web-based translation management platform from Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. Lionbridge is known for its globalization efforts and translation, testing and development outsourcing services. This direct integration between the Vasont CMS and Freeway provides clients with a more efficient method of translating content and monitoring the status of translation projects. Using the Vasont Translation Package with the Freeway integration, customers can initiate translation quotes or translation projects to Freeway directly from the Vasont interface. Content and status information are automatically sent back and forth between the Vasont CMS and Freeway during the translation process. Clients can monitor the status and history of high-level projects, or of detailed subprojects for each language, using Vasont's new translation window.