With today’s release of Evoq 8, the latest iteration of DNN’s web content management suite, digital marketers will find it easier to personalize their site content, view and act on real-time visitor stats, and access cloud-hosted digital assets from anywhere, the company claims.

“From a marketing solutions perspective, on the one hand are traditional web CMS for content publishing and on the other hand, there are now more nascent solutions from young companies rooted in predictive analytics, personalization, and content marketing,” said Navin Nagiah, CEO and president of DNN, in a press release.

“Marketers are desperate to bridge that gap. With Evoq 8, we will be one of the few companies to straddle both worlds and deliver measurable ROI to customers.”

What’s New with Evoq 8


Here's what users can expect from DNN's latest release.

Content Personalization

“The job of marketing users is to produce lots of different content and make sure it’s effective,” Will Morgenweck, DNN’s vice president of product management, told CMSWire. “The key is to tailor content to the audience as best as you can.”


The new release gives marketers the capability to tailor experiences based on visitor profiles, with rules based on geography, account, gender, age, recent visits, referral source, search terms and ad clicks.

“Evoq 8 gives the flexibility to start with a master set of content and tailor it based on data from analytics, which helps with higher conversion, time on page, and reduces bounce rate,” said Morgenweck.

Page Level Content Analytics

To help managers measure the effectiveness of their content, Evoq 8 allows them to navigate to any page and get a detailed view of how visitors are consuming site content, without using third party programs or custom filters and searches, said Morgenweck.

The program collects data around page views, referrers, unique visitors and conversions, and presents it to users through a page overlay view.

“This is not meant to be a replacement for larger analytics systems, but is built with a focus on the content manager or editor in mind,” he said. “If managers quickly want to see how content is doing, they can see it in real time, rather than waiting for a weekly report from an analytics expert.”

Access to Cloud-Hosted Assets

With Evoq 8’s new built-in connectors, marketers and content managers who have assets stored in Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, or SharePoint, can access any piece of content or digital asset from a single window.

“Once you connect to Dropbox, for example, that’s available to content managers from within the assets area of Evoq 8,” said Morgenweck.

He added that connectors make it easier for marketers to share documents with third parties, as no extra storage is needed, nor do they need to contact IT to help them upload large files.

Evoq 8 also allows marketers to integrate their sites with Marketo, and features a redesigned user experience for marketing users.

Advocate Marketing and Community

Marketers can maximize the activities of their existing brand advocates through Evoq 8’s advocacy marketing capability, which allows them to reward advocates for sharing content on their personal social networks.

“What marketing is facing today is, now that they’ve created content, it’s about distributing that content,” said Morgenweck. “They already have the CMS and the user base. We provide the tools that can help identify advocates.”

Marketers can issue challenges, track challenge completions and issue rewards like points or badges using Evoq 8’s native gamification engine.

Dennis Shiao, director of content marketing for DNN, summed up the Evoq 8 release like this: “We are taking what traditionally has been web content management, and are going well beyond that to managing digital experiences.”