Multi-Channel eCommerce with hybris Suite v4
It's said to be faster, easy to configure, full of simple-to-user interfaces, has full data management functionality and it has just been released. hyrbris has just launched Release Suite 4.0 after a relatively long period of quietness.

This latest version, according to ecommerce software developer hyrbris, represents a seminal point for many of the products in its current stable.

It features a lightweight service-orientated architecture that is scalable up or down, and will, through a number of features make it accessible -- and no doubt usable -- to even novices.

And the bottom line? V4.0 simplifies the management of online shops or catalogs at minimal administrative expensive and gives complete control over the product lifecycle from initial marketing, through to sale, and all the way to the service from simple user-friendly interfaces.

B2C eCommerce

But all trumpet-blowing is not just coming from hybris. Earlier this year, independent industry analyst Forrester named hybris a market leading B2C eCommerce vendor.

In the Wave report on eCommerce entitled The Forrester Wave: B2C eCommerce Platforms, it identified the key differentiators of hybris from other vendors as strong catalog management, enterprise integration and localization capabilities.


hybris competitive positioning according to Forrester

Four Thematic Changes

The updated version -- 4.0 -- includes all the elements of the earlier versions, in simple formats driven by four thematic changes. They include:

  • New interfaces for increased user-friendliness and higher adoption rates
  • Reduced implementation timescales
  • Increased and more efficient data handling capacities
  • Increased data security
  • Advanced functions for integrated modules such as content management

Managing Sales Communications

hybris Suite v4.0 is aimed at companies that need to support their communication and sales processes. There are a number of new features that are really going to do it for developers, including:

  • Preconfigured application server
  • hybris IDE for Eclipse enabling customer specific adaptations quickly and easily
  • API compatibility for easy integration with previous versions
  • Alpha and beta testing of websites
  • Data encryption all the way down to attribute level
  • API compatibility for fast and easy migrations

Web Client Cockpits

However, it is at the web client side that its really going to sell. Product and ecommerce managers, administrators and marketing employees will be able to simplify all product-related processes through the new ‘cockpits’.

The ‘cockpits’ consist of customized desktops that gather together all the elements needed for specific individuals to carry out assignments quickly and easily.

From a data point of view, parallel content ingestion from thousands of users at the same time enables companies to update product databases and catalogs with millions of individual items of data simultaneously.

Other user-friendly features included drag-and-drop and options to adapt the user interfaces according to personal tastes with easy task-specific configuration.

Faster Time to Market

At this point, even before hybris launched 4.0 it had a client list that included some of the biggest brand names in the world, including Reebok, Conrad and Lufthansa.

To give v4.0 an added kick into the market, hybris says that it can implement v4.0 through short implementation phases that will significantly reduce total operating costs.

If nothing else, in an ecommerce world desperate to help customers part with their money online, Suite 4.0 is making it all very easy -- perhaps too easy if you can’t keep you credit card under lock and key.