New Adobe Tag Manager Equips Entire Online Marketing Suite
Today Adobe (news, site) announced the release of Adobe Tag Manager for the Adobe Online Marketing Suite (OMS). Powered by Omniture, this tool provides a tag management framework for the entire Adobe OMS as well as other digital marketing technologies.

Adobe Tag Manager's framework is like a home for tags. It houses the tags that an Adobe customer may require, including all Online Marketing Suite tags and third-party tags.

The tags within the container can then be managed through an administrative UI where they can be inserted or removed without making changes to a website. The ability to add and remove tags combined with techniques to conditionally fire or timeout tags gives users more control over their data and helps manage pages for fast loading.

For Adobe SiteCatalyst customers, this also grants the ability to deploy a container of tags without having to change the existing SiteCatalyst page tag.

This is a far cry from the traditional method of capturing anonymous data, which is typically done using a tag within a piece of content or web page. And as you probably know, implementing and maintaining separate tags across all walks of tech (analytics providers, ad servers, ad networks, etc.) often requires significant technical skills to implement or adjust -- not to mention many dollars and often the headache of managing numerous tags across a range of contexts. 

“With Adobe Tag Manager, digital marketers can more quickly deploy or experiment with new technologies and partners because we’ve removed the primary challenges of adding or removing tags from their Web pages,” explained Brad Rencher, vice president and general manager, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe. “This level of simplicity and control will help our customers respond quickly to market changes and shifting customer needs, which can positively impact revenue."

Adobe Customer Experience Management (CEM)

The company and their experience management tools have been on our radar of late. They acquired Web CMS and Web Engagement software provider Day Software in July 2010, following their acquisition of Omniture in September 2009. The fruit of these acquisitions is, in part, Adobe's Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform. 

The core of this platform is the technology now known as Adobe CRX, formerly Day Software CRX. The CRX backbone includes the a content repository, a RESTful OSGi services layer, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and business logic. CRX was originally developed by Day Software.

We interviewed Adobe's CTO of Customer Experience Management, David Nuescheler, last month. In the following video he discusses the various components of the platform and how Adobe thinks about experience management:

David Nuescheler Talks with CMSWire About the Adobe CEM Platform — San Francisco, 2011

All in the Family

Adobe customers can use the new tag manager in conjunction with Adobe DigitalPulse to further ensure that analytics and reporting are accurate. DigitalPulse scans websites for missing or incorrectly configured tags and broken links. It also enhances Adobe Genesis, a tool that automates the integration of partner solutions with the Adobe OMS, by allowing partners to deploy product integrations without complex or time-consuming code updates.

Excited? The Adobe Tag Manager beta will be available in mid-June, and the company claims that additional features and capabilities will be introduced in the coming months as well.