Mochila Goes from Yellow to Green on Pringo's Dashboard

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Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, photo and video content, and Pringo, the leader in empowering online communities are cooking-up sharp new ideas for the next generation of online media. If you recall, Mochila has lots and lots of partners, such as Reuters, Clickability, The BBC, and Belo, among others. Their newest partnership aims to integrate Mochila’s content library into the Pringo Dashboard, allowing Pringo, a provider of social networking and media sharing platforms, and its clients’ Web sites to easily access and publish Mochila-sourced content. Mochila will provide Pringo client Web sites access to free rights-managed content while enabling Pringo’s clients to leverage Mochila’s syndication marketplace to increase the distribution of their own content to Mochila’s growing network of more than 3500 publishers.As Pringo strives to offer a complete social networking and media sharing platform that lets clients effectively build an integrated online community around its existing user base, integrating Mochila's marketplace interface into the Pringo dashboard will let Pringo's customers search, source and publish content of their choice to their Pringo controlled pages via RSS feed or API.With each and every partnership Mochila makes, it becomes clear that giving customers options takes precedence. In any marketplace choice is vital to sustainability and with Mochila’s content library including some of the biggest publishers in the industry, it gives Pringo's customers and Mochila's members greater access to content to publish or syndicate across the Web.