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  • Diversity's importance. Gender diversity and inclusion are crucial for driving CX success.
  • Cultural advantage. Women bring unique cultural perspectives and insights that help create customer-centric cultures.
  • Gender disparity. Women in CX roles are driving innovation and breaking barriers, but there is still a long way to go in achieving gender parity in leadership positions.

The CX industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but there is growing recognition of the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in driving business success. The industry has undergone a significant revolution in recent years, with businesses across the globe recognizing the importance of building customer-centric cultures to drive growth and build long-term loyalty. A report by Gartner found that women occupy only 39% of CX leadership positions globally.

Leveraging Cultural Competence to Drive CX Success Globally

As businesses become increasingly global, it's more important than ever to understand and navigate the cultural nuances that can impact CX. That's where women in CX roles come in. We bring unique cultural perspectives and insights that can help businesses build stronger, more customer-centric strategies that resonate with diverse customer groups across the East and West to create incredible standardized experiences.

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Empowering Women in CX to Lead and the Importance of Cross-Cultural Competence

We'll explore the emerging role of women in CX from the East to the West, with a focus on the critical importance of cross-cultural competence. From navigating complex cultural landscapes to leveraging unique insights and perspectives, here’s how women are driving CX innovation through their cultural competence and ability to bridge the cultural divide across the globe:

  1. East Asia: In Japan, a country known for its unique customs and social etiquette, women are playing a crucial role in providing exceptional customer service in the hospitality industry. According to a survey by the Japan Tourism Agency, female hotel staff received higher ratings than their male counterparts in areas such as friendliness and attentiveness. This suggests that women possess the cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence necessary to excel in CX roles in Japan.
  2. India: India is a diverse country with many different languages, religions and customs. Women who are fluent in multiple languages and have a deep understanding of Indian culture are well-suited for CX roles in this region. Moreover, their cultural background and experience living in the midst of a diverse consumer base help provide exceptional customer experience to diverse sets of clients.
  3. Middle East: Women in the Middle East are breaking barriers and driving CX innovation by providing a unique perspective on customer service and experience that is rooted in their cultural background. For example, Huda Kattan, the founder of the beauty brand Huda Beauty and raised in the West, has talked about how her Middle Eastern heritage has inspired her to create products and experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of Middle Eastern and Western women.
  4. Africa: Women in Africa are driving CX innovation by leveraging their deep understanding of the continent's diverse cultures and traditions. For example, Rebecca Enonchong, the founder of the African technology hub AppsTech, has spoken about how her experience growing up in Cameroon has helped her create technology solutions that are tailored to the needs of African customers. By understanding the cultural nuances of different African countries, Enonchong has been able to create CX solutions that truly resonate with customers in the region.
  5. Europe: In Europe, women's cultural competence is driving CX innovation by helping companies navigate the diverse customs and traditions of the continent. For example, Karoline Gross, the founder of the German startup Smartzer, has created a platform that allows companies to create interactive videos that can be customized for different European markets. Her understanding of the cultural differences between European countries has helped Smartzer become a successful CX solution provider in the region.
  6. West: Women in CX roles are driving innovation through inclusivity and bringing a range of diverse perspectives to the table, allowing CX teams to better understand and connect with customers from different backgrounds. For instance, the beauty brand Fenty Beauty, which was launched by Rihanna in 2017, has been widely praised for its diverse and inclusive approach to product development and customer experience. The brand's success can be attributed in part to the diverse perspectives of its CX team, which is led by a number of women of color.

Women in CX Leading the Way with Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Across the globe, women in CX roles are playing a critical role in driving innovation through their unique cultural perspectives and insights. From East Asia to Africa, women are unapologetically voicing their opinions, putting themselves out there and paving the way for younger like-minded girls to follow.

Learning Opportunities

Moreover, reputed communities like Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) have a Diversity & Inclusion initiative aimed at promoting an inclusive community followed by Women In CX, an incredibly growing community empowering women in the CX space across the globe help steer the direction for all Women in CX.

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Gender Parity in Leadership Still Needs Improvement

The industry has a long way to go in terms of achieving gender diversity and inclusion in leadership positions, but the growing recognition of the importance of women in CX roles is a step in the right direction toward building strong customer-centric cultures and driving business success.

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