Pegasystems Don Schuerman said his company is using AI and robotics in unique ways

Pegasystems Adds More AI, Robotics Capabilities to Pega CRM

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Cambridge, Mass.-based Pegasystems is infusing its customer relationship management (CRM) offerings with new artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation capabilities.

The company — which Forrester named a leader in its November assessment of enterprise-grade CRM suites — said the new capabilities will enable its customers to optimize their sales and customer service effectiveness with desktop analytics and machine learning.

Pegasystems: Building on Capabilities

Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president of product marketing at Pegasystems, told CMSWire the company is building on capabilities from its acquisition of Atlanta- based OpenSpan, a privately held software provider of robotic process automation (RPA) and workforce analytics software. 

Specifically, it is unifying Pega Workforce Intelligence within the Pega Customer Service and Pega Sales Automation applications "to give organizations an added layer of intelligence that helps them find opportunities for improvement in how their people, processes and technology work together,” he said.

The goal is to use AI and robotic automation to help businesses uncover hidden patterns of inefficiency by analyzing millions of actions taken every day on every desktop from any application so they can improve productivity and "coach new behaviors that boost the bottom line."

While CRM applications are now an established part of the enterprise workplace, Schuerman said many offerings are too basic to provide the insights businesses really need. He called Pegasystems the vendor with the only CRM solution that gives actionable advice to overcome these pitfalls and improve the employee and customer experience, noting:

“There’s no other CRM solution that combines workforce intelligence directly within CRM applications. Workforce intelligence on its own tells you where your inefficiencies lie in the way your organization works. But now when you layer that information with the performance data in CRM applications – such as customer service representatives with the best Net Promoter score, or salespeople who generate the biggest sales pipeline – you can start to understand why you are seeing success (or not seeing success) in certain areas."

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AI Can Improve Productivity

He claims the new capabilities will improve efficiencies by reducing toggling from one application to another, automating routine work, standardizing processes and giving employees a clearer vision of which activities produce optimal results.

Learning Opportunities

    “Organizations are forced to live with many inefficiencies in their business simply because they don’t know where to look. They may also not understand how they are impacting results or know how to fix them,” he said.

    “We’re using AI and robotics to identify patterns in the way people work that go largely unnoticed, or that perhaps managers had an inkling was there but couldn’t put a finger on it. And then we offer up opportunities for improvement that not only solve the inefficiencies but directly improve performance in a real and tangible manner that you can measure.”

    At the end of the day, it’s about better customer experiences, he said. "By engaging current and prospective customers with the right message at the right time on the right channel, businesses can increase customer satisfaction while enhancing customer lifetime value," the company noted in a statement.