Well, my head's not quite spinning. But it did turn a bit to check out some pretty interesting numbers on Amazon provided by TrueShip, a provider of shipping software based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

We all know and love Amazon, that "online stuff warehouse" and customer service genius from whom every day we buy stuff like TVs and Ronald Reagan pajamas (OK, so maybe only I did the latter). We love adding our shopping carts and examining our products front to back, buying books and getting great deals on shipping.

But Amazon's way more than a one-trick pony. It's also got what many enterprises consider the best cloud infrastructure hosting services in the game: Amazon Web Services. Gartner had Amazon Web Services at 10 times the cloud computing capacity than the next 14 combined in its report on cloud infrastructure. Netflix is the latest to jump onboard, according to a blog post Thursday by Yury Izrailevsky, vice president of cloud and platform engineering for the streaming service.

Take a Number

So, yes, Amazon's got impressive numbers all around, like these provided by TrueShip:

$625: Money average Amazon Prime user spends per year, according to Business Insider. Prime is the $99 per year free-shipping, other-perks service Amazon offers. Let me tell you, these people have got it all wrong. Just use your father-in-law's password, and that $625 takes a real quick dive.

Between $1 billion and $2 billion: That's how much Amazon loses per year on shipping Prime goods, according to Forbes. Eating those shipping costs doesn't hurt too much, you have to think, when considering Amazon made $107 billion in revenue last year. 

Fourth: Place for Amazon's mobile app behind Google, Facebook and Yahoo in terms of popularity, according to Mashable. My question is, where is TimeHop? Finding out what pic I took six years ago starts many a morning for me.

Learning Opportunities

2 billion: Total products sold by Amazon in 2014, according to Forbes. That's a ton (more?) of cardboard.

$3 billion: Goods that Amazon sold online on Cyber Monday 2015, according to zacks.com. I did not contribute to that stat. Cyber Monday for me meant another start to a "healthy eating week" that metamorphosed a few days later into, "which calzone do you want week?"

178: Countries that have Amazon shoppers, according to Amazon Investor Relations. I looked "buy a country" on Amazon, but had no luck. It did, however, produce this, in case anyone's got the need:

screenshot of amazon product on buying a car and shipping it overseas

So there you have it. Amazon by the numbers. Got any yourself?

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