Alterian, the campaign management and marketing software vendor, recently announced its latest solution aimed at marketers struggling to adapt to customer’s unpredictable behavior. They’ve called it Chameleon.

Touted as an “Adaptive Customer Experience Platform,” Chameleon helps turn digital marketers into successful “Adaptive Marketers.”

This is the latest move by the Denver-based company following its split from SDL in November 2016 — which is a history worth revisiting.

Alterian’s Winding History

Alterian was founded in 1997 by Mike Talbot, David Eldridge and Tim McCarthy. The company was floated as a public company in the year 2000, and went on to grow steadily before its acquisition by Maidenhead, England-based SDL in 2012 for a reported £69.7 million.

Alterian remained part of the SDL product portfolio for approximately five years before being released through a management buyout last year.

The release of Chameleon shows the company continuing to build momentum following its initial post-SDL release. CMSWire reached out to Alterian CSO Jeff Hassemer for a comment. 

"At one point Alterian was known for innovation in the marketing space and that was lost in the past few years. This release should indicate to the market that we are looking to take back that 'innovation' mentality to help marketers succeed," Hassemer said.

"The current paradigm for building digital and cross channel campaigns has not changed since 2006, when the journey map was introduced. That was before tablets, smart phones and smart homes. As consumers were provided more channels, the complexity of the customer journey out-paced the old paradigms ability to address the consumer’s needs. This release solves that problem and allows Marketers to stay one step ahead of their customers so they can maximize every opportunity with their ecosystem."

Betting on 'Millisecond Marketing'

Alterian claimed Chameleon offers millisecond marketing capabilities that let marketers automatically adapt to customer behavior and naturally improve every single interaction — no matter when and where it occurs.

“Chameleon’s millisecond marketing capabilities let adaptive marketers personalize messaging in the moment using fast and slow data to maintain relevancy across their ecosystem,” said Bob Hale, Alterian CEO in a statement issued about the release. 

“How fast? These are dynamic omni-channel campaigns that leverage real-time rules to dynamically personalize messaging in less than 100 milliseconds, staying fully targeted on the latest state of each customer relationship on any channel. With Chameleon, we are setting a new standard for personalized messaging.”

Chameleon's Capabilities

Chameleon brings together the features of a CRM, a campaign manager and a decision engine. 

Hassemer explained how Chameleon fits into the MarTech space — and why marketers should care for it. 

"Simply put, customer journey maps don’t work anymore," he said. 

"Marketers are struggling to adapt to their customer’s unpredictable behavior and find themselves falling behind their customers. This results in the poor customer experience that makes the consumer crinkle their noses at the brands they interact with. Alterian’s millisecond marketing offers a way for marketers to build marketing that adapts to the consumer’s behavior, no matter when or where they choose to interact with the brand. This is a new paradigm for marketing campaigns that is long overdue for the market."

Chameleon Foundations

As for Alterian’s promise of "Millisecond Marketing" here’s how it plans to deliver on that high promise in Chameleon:

Real-Time Adaptive Capabilities

Chameleon’s millisecond marketing capabilities enable adaptive marketers to personalize messaging as each interaction is happening using fast (in-the-moment) data and slow (historical) data to maintain relevancy across their ecosystem.

Real-Time Adaptive Campaigns

Dynamic omnichannel campaigns that leverage real-time rules for personalizing messaging in the moment in less than 100 milliseconds and maintaining relevancy, based on the full and latest state of each customer relationship.

Real-Time Adaptive Data Mobilization

Making slow data fast by mobilizing information in less than 100 milliseconds before, during and after each interaction using real-time adaptive API connectors for personalization.

Real-Time Adaptive Identity Management

Maintaining personalized and consistently relevant messaging throughout the entire ecosystem by recognizing a customer in less than 100 milliseconds across sessions, channels, and known devices without requiring re-authentication.

Views From Around the Industry

To get a better grasp of Alterian's Chameleon and to gauge how far the company has come since regaining its independence, CMSWire spoke to marketing expert Patrick Whatman, head of content at Mention and Online Reputation:

"More and more, customers demand performance before they buy," he said.

"Being able to provide tailored, reactive communication to prospects is a powerful tool. New technologies that allow marketers to change their message based on buyer behavior mean that brands can be keep prospects engaged more easily, and further into the buying process. The more tailored and adjustable these communications, the better for marketers."

Whatman continued by saying the most important factor is still, "the ability to speak to the challenges of a buyer."

As for millisecond marketing in particular, Whatman explained that, "faster, more advanced technology is always appealing, but the marketer still needs to be able to recognize what their buyer needs, and be able to deliver solutions. Without this, the technology can only go so far."