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The new Clicktale Experience Cloud aims to help businesses better understand the intent of customer actions. PHOTO: Matthew Henry

Clicktale today released a cloud-based customer experience platform that promises to not only solve your "most critical customer challenges," but also set the stage for superior experiences.

Tel Aviv-based Clicktale is building on its enterprise-class experience management platform, which integrates cognitive computing, data science, applied psychological research and data visualizations. The new Clicktale Experience Cloud incorporates all of those features along with psychological analytics to help businesses better understand the intent of customer actions, the company explained.

Clicktale CEO Tuval Chomut said the Experience Cloud surfaces answers to business questions that enable businesses to generate "measurable impact" and deliver better customer experiences.

The heart of the new platform is the Experience Center — a workspace that synthesize Clicktale’s behavioral data into easy-to-understand visualizations. It also introduces Path Analytics, which let businesses identify and visualize the paths users take online, as well as quantify the business impact of poor experiences.

'Purpose-Built CX Platform'

Clicktale CMO Geoff Galat said it's the first purpose-built platform that provides this depth of insight on the customer experience.

“Customer experience is the new currency — the most effective way for online businesses to differentiate themselves. But there hasn’t been a purpose-built platform that enables the people tasked with delivering those experiences to get insights and take actions,” he told CMSWire. Until now, he said, end-users were forced to pivot between multiple tools to gather insights from workflows, visualizations, integrations and key performance indicators.

The new Clicktale solution "was designed with experience as the outcome" and, because it is cloud-based, enables this to happen in a scalable fashion.

Clicktale Experience Cloud Path Analytics
Clicktale Experience Cloud Path Analytics

Measuring Customer Experience

Clicktale, founded in 2006, has raised $60 million to build and expand its digital customer experience apps. Using those apps, it analyzes website behaviors to provide businesses insights and help drive business results.

Galat said digital transformation is making it imperative for business to connect customer experience to their business results and KPIs.

“It’s always been hard for companies to correlate things that happen to customers online with actual business metrics and to measure the impact of experiences on their results. Now a business can see what’s going on with its customers and the effects on the business itself, and also have workflows and visualizations to make the changes needed to deliver better business outcomes,” he said.

It does this by offering businesses the ability to:

  • Capture up to 100 percent of all user experiences across web, mobile web and mobile apps
  • Automatically surface business issues and opportunities in real time
  • Analyze and understand customer segments, or import customer segments from other tools like Adobe or Google Analytics
  • Identify and quantify specific in-page behaviors.

Clicktale Experience Center

Galat describes the Clicktale Experience Center as a place someone to gain on overview of business KPIs and then drill down for detailed analytics and insights.

Clicktale Experience Center
Clicktale Experience Center

“Online companies have lots of data – I commonly hear the term 'drowning in data' — yet they still can’t answer critical business questions. We are trying to make it simpler to get business outcomes from their data and provide answers to the critical questions that keep people up at night,” he said.

It also addresses a number of trends including the movement of people to mobile as a primary interaction model.

“We see a future where some interactions move to voice or chatbots in place of traditional clicks. We also see a continuation of the blurred lines of what is known as omnichannel: customers who seamlessly move between mobile, web, store, contact center, etc and expect the same level of service at every level, which is hard to deliver.”

Galat said Clicktale is working on additional applications that will sit on the same infrastructure and use the same data to solve other business challenges.