In light of Google's recent release of Google Surveys 360 — a groundbreaking addition to its enterprise Analytics 360 Suite — it's worth noting what this new market research tool gets right (and wrong).

While Google Surveys 360 is a positive first step for enterprise-level market researchers, there is room for improvement.

TV Ad Recall: Room for Improvement

One of the benefits of Google Surveys 360 is its ability to ask questions about TV ad recall both during and after broadcast — a quick and accurate way to gauge consumer sentiment immediately after an ad plays.

But ideally, survey tools should allow consumers to watch and compare videos within the survey itself — making it possible to capture sentiment in real-time and completely eliminate recall bias.

Survey Tools Depend on Audience Size

Although Google Surveys 360 is undoubtedly a powerful tool, it is hamstrung by the relatively small pool of 10 million online respondents it is able to reach (for perspective, that's just 3 percent of the U.S. population).  

The majority of us now have tiny computers in our pockets that facilitate not only two-communication, but instantaneous responsiveness. Indeed, there are population segments that can only be reached on mobile. And that’s going to change this industry in exciting ways.

By reaching respondents where they spend hours everyday—on their cell phones—platforms that heavily target mobile respondents have the benefit of real-time access to a significantly broader pool of 320 million people or more (for perspective, that’s more than 100% of the U.S. population).

Speed Counts

Unlike most other survey tools, Google Surveys 360 equips market researchers with everything they need to create and deploy their own statistically significant surveys — not in weeks or months, but in days.

Learning Opportunities

But in today's digital environment, sometimes key decision makers have only hours and minutes to work with. Marketers should be able to obtain consumer insights in less than 24 hours — and indeed, the technology exists to make that happen. 

Personas Are Everything

A key feature that Google Surveys 360 lacks is the ability to create target personas that dig deeper into the personalities and behavior of the people responding to polls — thereby generating consumer intelligence more accurately than ever.

Personas creation — which uses behavioral data and active survey responses to determine and validate user profiles — is one the most advanced machine learning models on the planet that is a crucial tool for market researchers looking to obtain valuable consumer insight.

By capturing data in a real-time, non-intrusive way, mobile-first market research could yield much more accurate and actionable insights than suite-based tools. 

Follow the Customer Across Mobile

Mobile is a new area for a number of industries, and market research, in particular, has been slow to change its methodologies, for a variety of reasons.

Businesses and digital marketers are just beginning to understand the consumer journey across mobile, and how they can use this new medium to interact on a more intimate basis 24/7.

By harnessing the power of mobile, the next generation of surveying tools will more intelligently capture and target key consumer segments, which will allow businesses to better allocate their budgets and generate the results they need to better serve their customers.

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