Scot Wheeler

Using DX to Drive Your Brand's Halo Effect [Video]

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As vice president of consumer intelligence and business analytics at Leapfrog Online,Scot Wheeler is well versed in everything from cross-channel performance visualization and environmental trend analysis to testing, optimization and predictive modeling.

He's also an adjunct lecturer in Northwestern University’s Master’s Degree program in Integrated Marketing Communications, where he teaches digital analytics and statistics.

CMSWire caught up with him at the DX Summit this week in Chicago to explore his insights on digital experience and the ways it is changing our perceptions of the customer journey.

Understanding How Brand Works

"The digital customer journey, as many of us think of it, is a model so that in the abstract way, it's the thing that we think of when we're trying to map out how a consumer moves from having no awareness of us all the way through to hopefully becoming a customer.

"With our brand and with other brands in the process of making a decision about whether or not they're going to make a purchase, the decision journey always begins with the trigger. So it begins with some kind of imperative to engage in the market.

"The easiest way to support expectations is to begin with setting those expectations. When we think about digital experience, a lot of us tend to be direct response marketers who come into digital experience marketing.

"So we like being able to measure conversions. We like being able to measure the path to conversion.

Learning Opportunities

"We tend to be focused on the last click before their conversion. And we're learning to become focused on attribution or other channels that lead up to that conversion.

"What has not made its way all the way into digital experience yet is the understanding of how brand works.

"Thinking about what we're delivering in terms of customer experience is really thinking about thebrand halo that we're creating for that next person who's even preconsidering interacting with our brand and is going to enter the consideration stage with some image about us, some expectation about us.

"So it goes from the way that we try to portray ourselves through branding efforts to the way that we earn a portrayal of ourselves through the actual experience the people have with us."

Video by Asa Aarons Smith