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How a Unified IT Service Management Strategy Improves Employee Retention

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Companies either unwilling or unable to meet employee expectations risk losing their top performers, which could have long-lasting results.

The current job market is employee driven, which means if employees are unhappy for any reason they aren’t afraid to leave for a better opportunity.

Companies either unwilling or unable to meet employee expectations risk losing their top performers, which could have long-lasting results. According to data from Deloitte, highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in revenue, punctuating just how important it is to provide employees with the tools they need to stay productive. Supporting your employees in this way provides a sense of belonging and eases frustration with difficult workplace processes.

One opportunity for organizations to improve the employee experience is through their IT service management (ITSM) strategy. When employees spend time dealing with technology frustrations instead of focusing on work, it can leave them feeling unsupported and could even erode favorable feelings toward their employer.

A robust ITSM strategy facilitates smoother communication and improved support for employees. IT teams are then better equipped to handle a variety of issues, identify pain points or trends in the service delivery process and proactively make recommendations for how to improve. Here’s why businesses should make sure their ITSM infrastructure is up to date and easy to use for all employees. 

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Service Requests Should Be Transparent

When the base ITSM strategy is flawed, employees might feel in the dark about the resolution of their tech issues. Failure to keep employees informed can lead to employees finding workarounds or losing valuable work time on projects.

Learning Opportunities

To combat this, organizations should give employees visibility into the status of IT requests in real time. When employees get immediate feedback on a service request, they are reassured that the organization takes their issues seriously and will fix them as soon as possible. As small as it may seem, assuring an employee their tech issues are cared for is a critical step in maintaining high morale. Plus, employees who feel heard and valued are more likely to remain engaged.

Consistency Solves Problems Faster

When service tickets are housed centrally in a single location, IT employees can complete requests significantly faster. IT issues originate from every department, which means service teams work across the entire organization. A unified ITSM infrastructure strategy removes the extended back-and-forth communication between employees that creates pain points and encourages faster resolution times.

Quick Fixes Don’t Need Difficult Solutions

Experts don’t need to address low-level issues, and waiting around to figure out simple fixes like locating files or resetting passwords can be a waste of time for both employees and technicians. Fixing this pain point can be as simple as providing self-service options or by using chatbots. Chatbots respond instantly with a typed response or a link that takes the requester to a relevant knowledge base solution. Not only does this give employees a fast resolution to their simple technical problems, but it allows HR and IT professionals to focus on more serious technical issues.

Happy Employees Create the Best Work

Employees who believe their company is doing everything possible to support them are those that do great work. Making sure employees feel valued — even during frustrations like IT issues — is a great way to make sure they remain a long-term member of the team.

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