Document management roll-up

Doc Mgt Roll-Up: Getting Your Office Together

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Expect more from Yammer, at least in respect to its ability to manage and move documents. According to a Microsoft blog post, the Yammer team has been working on deeper integration between Yammer and Office.

The resulting enhancements could simplify collaboration, especially in terms of document editing in Yammer with Office Online and the ability of users towork in Office Online and save the changes to documents in Yammer.

The blog post further notes users will eventually be able to co-author documents in real time and translate documents into 30 or more languages using Bing translator.

The changes should make Yammer more flexible and work orientated than it is already.  But it doesn’t solve the bigger problem of effective integration of Yammer into SharePoint, or as Microsoft describes it, "Yammer as the social layer of SharePoint."

Beezy’s Yammer Play

Move over, all you third-party vendors looking to integrate  with Yammer. Newcomer Beezy, which just announced an integration between Yammer and its enterprise collaboration solution, wants a spot in line. 

Community activity within Yammer is now visible and interactive in SharePoint, and all social activity in SharePoint is visible within the Yammer newsfeed, allowing organizations to leverage their social investments across both platforms, the company noted.

Beezy was founded only four years ago but has already established itself as an enterprise collaboration solution for Office 365 and SharePoint with clout in a number of enterprises. 

One final note: CMSWire contributor Christian Buckley, former managing director at GTconsult, is now CMO at Beezy. An Office365 MVP and Top 25 SharePoint Influencer, Buckley will report to Beezy founder and CEO Jordi Plana.

Cutting Spam

Here's good news for enterprises with a spam problem. According to Symantec’s latest Threat Intelligence Report, businesses are getting less spam email than at any time in the past 12 years. In June, Symantec rated less than 50 percent of the email it monitored as junk.

Learning Opportunities

On the downside, Symantec reports the decline in spam was offset by a rise in volumes of malware.

Document Management What?

Here’s a perspective on the document management market that we haven’t seen in quite a while, According to recently released research from Margolis, nearly half of UK businesses could go paperless by the end of this year. However, while many businesses surveyed are aware of the benefits of going paperless, the report doesn’t explain how they plan to get there.

According to the research, 30 percent of businesses believe that they could go paperless in 2015, whil 18.7 percent said that they were already paperless. About 6 percent of those surveyed don't want to go paperless.

The report runs counter to research from organizations like AIIM, which said the paperless office is hampered by the lack of support from the C-Suite.