Document management roll-up

Google has always been clear about its ambitions for Gmail. Simply put, it wants Gmail to be the email powerhouse — so much so, that last year it enabled users to access emails from other providers like Yahoo Mail or in the Gmail app on Android.

Now, it has introduced a new tool called Gmailify that lets users apply all the other Gmail features to emails in other apps. The Gmail blog explains: "If you use Yahoo Mail or Hotmail/, you now have the option to Gmailify your inbox. Gmailify links your existing account to Gmail so that you get all the bells and whistles—spam protection, inbox organization and even Google Now cards based on your mail — without having to leave your current address behind."

It's a option for people who can't use Gmail but want all of its advanced features. 

To use Gmailify, simply sign-in from Gmail and connect. If you want to opt out can disconnect as easily as you get in.

By signing in, users get access to Gmail's automatic inbox sorting system, Google Now cards and Gmail's 'Send Mail As' feature to mask your Google address for another email.

The question you really need to answer before you sign-up, though, is whether you want Google to access the data from other email services that are connected to Gmail through Gmailify. Remember, Gmail admitted that it scans email.

Google Expands Translation

Google also announced this week the addition of a number new languages to its online translations tools. With the addition of 13 new languages, including Hawaiian and Kurdish, Google Translate now includes 103 languages, covering 99 percent of the online population.

Google Translate uses a combination of machine learning and human volunteers to make sure translations are accurate.

The company said in its announcement that to add a new language, it must be a written language with “a significant amount of translations in the new language” already online.

Google scans the web for billions of already translated texts and uses machine learning to identify statistical patterns at enormous scale, so its machines can "learn" the language.

But, "as already existing documents can’t cover the breadth of a language," Google also uses people in its Translate Community to enhance accuracy.

Box Connects Physical, Digital Docs

Box continues to provide possible solutions to enterprises struggling with the paperless office conundrum this week with an upgrade to it is Box Capture application.

Box Capture for iPhone was released at BoxWorks last year and provided a way for users to connect their mobile device's camera with everyday work processes.

It did this by enabling users to take photos, videos and audio recordings from their iPhone and send it to contacts without having to save it onto the phone itself.

This week’s upgrade adds scanning, which enables users to scan a document using the phone and then collaborate on it just as they would with any other document saved into Box.

Once the document has been scanned, it will benefit from all of Box's features like granular access-permissions, commenting, tasks and deep integrations with the services like DocuSign and Salesforce.

The new feature automatically detects, crops, aligns and filters the document and enables users to leave comments on the document. “Document scanning provides an easy way to connect physical documents with digital work environments,” Box product manager Charles Dong said in a statement.

The previous process, which required people to copy, manually scan and email attached documents to all of the right people, was "not only inefficient and time consuming, but also extremely insecure considering the sensitive nature of so many work documents,” he said.

Pegasystems, DocuSign Partner

Finally this week, enterprise software vendor Pegasystems and e-signature vendor DocuSign announced a partnership that will integrate DocuSign’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform with Pegasystems’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and platform.

By fully digitizing the signature process, Pegasystems can offer faster, easier, more convenient and secure ways for their customers to sign, send, and manage documents and cut the use of paper.

DocuSign gives Pegasystems users eSignature and DTM technology to securely capture decisions, approvals and signatures 100 percent digitally within all Pegasystems applications as well as any custom application built on the Pega 7 platform.