Laserfiche just released version 10 of its enterprise content management system (ECM).

Speaking at the Laserfiche Empower 2016 Conference in Long Beach, Calif., Laserfiche President Karl Chan said the new version is designed to supercharge content-driven business processes, enabling enterprises to redesign the flow of information throughout the enterprise.

Business Process Focus

The full release contains a number of new features, including a Business Process Library, Laserfiche Discussions and a business analytics module.

  • The Business Process Library features configurable templates — nearly 100 to date — for organizations to accelerate the deployment and development of ECMs
  • The Business Analytics app complements the process library by using operational and performance dashboards to make it easier to quickly monitor, report and analyze on business processes
  • Laserfiche Discussions facilitates conversations, questions-and-answers and checklists to enhance teamwork and collaboration

Version 10 also comes with enhanced support for mobile device with the addition of Windows Mobile Devices support, in addition to the existing iOS and Android support. It's intended to give mobile workers more choices in how they access information and participate in business processes.

“With Laserfiche 10, organizations can get nearly 100 template ECM solutions up and running within days, if not hours. Users don’t have to build workflows from scratch. They can simply load the template with ready-to-use forms, workflows and rules, customize it and go, “ Catherine Ramos, Director of Operations for Laserfiche told CMSWire.

“Laserfiche Discussions, for its part, enables collaboration. We wanted to give users a way to capture conversations taking place online or via social and use that information and feedback to modify processes along the way. “

She added that the idea behind analytics is optimization.

Learning Opportunities

“We don’t want our users to simply take a bad process and make it faster - we want them to improve processes. Analytics provide insights that can be used to reengineer processes and make them better,” she said.

Work on the business process server is not finished though, and Ramos said that over the course of 2016 Laserfiche plans to build it out to combine forms, workflow and capture.  She added that they will also be looking to provide custom trend detection and notifications via the cloud.

ECM Challenges

Asked about the biggest challenges facing ECM space at the moment, Ramos sad that the rise of a “cloud first” mindset is making things challenging for many vendors.

To address it Laserfiche introduced Laserfiche Cloud last year, which a number of its clients have taken along with their on-premise Laserfiche implementations to enable collaboration with the extended enterprise.

“This hybrid approach to the cloud allows organizations to keep proprietary or sensitive information on their own servers, while information that needs to be shared with vendors and partners is put on the cloud,” she said.

Laserfiche Empower continues today with a keynote by Pierre Ferrari,  Heifer International President and CEO.