Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

Tomorrow: Trust Matters - Privacy, Advocacy and CX

Join CMSWire with Lynn Scheurell, Jahia's director of Content Marketing, and Jessica Sundstrom, Jahia's VP of Digital, for a one-hour webinar on the relationships between agility, customer privacy and brand advocacy.

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May Events

May 8 - 12 (Las Vegas): The Marketing Nation Summit

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is three full days of learning, including best practices, hands-on training, and an environment where attendees can learn about the latest trends, technologies and methodologies from marketers around the world.

May 9 - 11 (Chicago): B2B Online Chicago 2016

B2B Online is focused on advanced digital fundamentals and the organizational challenges that are specific to the digital transformation of the B2B business model.

May 9 - 12 (London): Adobe Summit London 2016

Come to the Adobe Summit in London and learn how to reach your customers — and really know them.

May 9 - 12 (Orlando): IBM Vision Orlando 2016

IBM Vision 2016 is the premier global conference for finance, risk management and sales compensation professionals.

May 9 - 12 (Las Vegas): Marketing Nation Summit Las Vegas 2016

We are headed to VEGAS to paint the town purple with YOU and 7,000 of the smartest marketers from around the world and celebrate Tomorrow's Marketer.

May 9 - 13 (New Orleans): DrupalCon New Orleans 2016

Introducing DrupalCon 2016 in New Orleans, LA.

May 10 - 11 (Sao Paulo): Gartner Business Intelligence Analytics & Information Management Summit Sao Paulo 2016

At Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit you’ll learn how to re-master your skills to deliver the analytic advantage your organization needs in the digital age to succeed.

May 10 - 11 (Orlando): Forrester Business Technology Orlando 2016

BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY 2016 will leverage Forrester's deep research and front-line knowledge to help technology leaders master each of these distinct challenges, while a select faculty of real-world CIOs and technology leaders will share their own insights and best practices.

May 10 - 11 (London): Telco Cloud London 2016

The 2016 Telco Cloud forum will be covering all the crucial and essential topics from all possible angles.

May 10 - 11 (Luxembourg): ICT Spring Luxembourg 2016

ICT Spring Europe is one of Europe’s largest and most international information-communication-technology conferences.

May 10 - 12 (Philadelphia): Digital Marketing in Healthcare Summit Philadelphia 2016

This summit will investigate the role these innovations are having within the industry and how they are increasing competition, efficiency and output.

May 10 - 12 (Santa Clara): Internet of Things World Santa Clara 2016

Internet of Things World is where global leaders in IoT from the entire ecosystem gather to network, share ideas, meet new business partners and learn.

May 10 - 12 (Montego Bay): Superweek Jamaica 2016

Superweek, a digital analytics conference, is back with its inaugural trip to Jamaica. It's a unique gathering of data evangelists, analysts and thought leaders of the modern web industry.

May 11 - 12 (Los Angeles): ad:tech Los Angeles 2016

ad:tech is a conference and exhibition where the marketing, technology and media communities come together to share new ways of thinking, build strong partnerships, and define new strategies to address the key industry challenges and opportunities.

May 11 - 12 (Santa Clara): AppsWorld North America 2016

Apps World will bring together the leaders in IoT evolution, as well as tech startups and digital gurus from across the Valley and beyond to discuss the future of marketing.

May 11 - 12 (Dublin): 3XE Digital Conference Dublin 2016

The goal of 3XE Digital Conference Series is to educate and promote forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet business and marketing in a forum for leading digital professionals to come together for additional networking and professional development.

May 12 (Online): [CMSWire Webinar] Trusted By Design: Privacy, Advocacy and CX

Join CMSWire with Kevin Cochrane, Jahia's Chief Marketing Officer, and Jessica Sundstrom, Jahia's VP of Digital, for a one-hour webinar on the relationships between agility, customer privacy and brand advocacy.

May 12 - 13 (New York City): Digimarcon East 2016

DIGIMARCON EAST 2016 Conference showcases the most audacious and thought provoking speakers in the digital marketing industry, providing attendees with emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, best practices, and insights from successful digital marketing campaigns.

May 13 (Amsterdam): Tridion Developer Summit Amsterdam 2016

The Tridion Developer Summit is an event for and by the SDL Web (Tridion) community hosted by Yabolka.This year's event features several talks on digital experience, personalization and upgrades, with additional content on Alchemy, DD4T, caching and a variety of other topics.

May 15 - 18 (Las Vegas): Shoptalk Las Vegas 2016

It’s an unprecedented gathering of individuals and companies reshaping how consumers discover, shop and buy, providing a platform for large retailers and brands, startups, tech companies and investors to come together in an open and friendly environment.

May 16 - 17 (Las Vegas): All Things Data Las Vegas 2016

The biggest companies in the world are coming to All Things Data Las Vegas to show you how to make better business decisions with your data.

May 16 - 17 (Sydney): Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit Sydney 2015

This event will help you lead your IT organization and reinforce the criticality and relevance of your position in the face of increasing change and challenges from ever increasing disruption brought about by Nexus of Forces and digital business.

May 16 - 19 (Toronto): eTail Canada 2016

The eTail Canada conference was launched as part of the eTail Conference series to speak to the unique challenges facing Canadian retailers and US retailers looking to expand into this market.

May 16 - 19 (Tampa): IBM Amplify Tampa 2016

Amplify 2016 will explore the strategies and solutions that deepen customer engagement to improve business outcomes.

May 16 - 19 (Las Vegas): Tibco Now Las Vegas 2016

To thrive, you need to evolve at the speed of innovation, constantly improve operations, adapt quickly, and fuel your strategy with a deep understanding of your customers, ecosystem and processes. Whether you’re an executive, developer, or business user, your journey to digital business starts at TIBCO NOW.

May 16 - 20 (San Francisco): Data By The Bay San Francisco 2016

Data By the Bay connects data engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders.

May 17 (New York City): Customer Experience Summit New York 2016

The Customer Experience Summit will bring together leading executives from a variety of industries to confront and overcome current industry issues.

May 17 - 19 (San Diego): Gartner Digital Marketing Conference San Diego 2016

Fuel your marketing strategy as an engine for growth, unlock revenue, and gain aggressive market share.

May 17 - 19 (Las Vegas): Content Marketing Conference Las Vegas 2016

Content Marketing Conference returns in 2016 with a laser focus on the tactics, tips and hacks you demand for top performance.

May 17 - 19 (Las Vegas): Email Innovations Las Vegas 2016

Educate yourself on the latest strategies that will drive tomorrow’s results, including the latest trends in data driven subject lines to drive increased engagement.

May 18 - 19 (London): SMX London 2016

Immerse yourself in three days of SEO, SEM and Online Marketing sessions and you’re guaranteed to leave with practical tips and techniques to immediately improve your search marketing efforts.

May 18 - 19 (Chicago): Business Analytics Innovation Summit Chicago 2016

The Business Analytics Innovation Summit provides 25+ industry case studies and over 20 hours of networking opportunities across 2 days. Make sure to check back regularly for schedule additions and changes.

May 18 - 19 (San Francisco): Strategic Planning Innovation Summit San Francisco 2016

Join the largest gathering of strategic professionals to renovate your strategic processes.

May 18 - 19 (San Francisco): Chief Strategy Officer Summit San Francisco 2016

The Chief Strategy Officer Summit is an ideal environment for cross-pollination of ideas, satisfying your intellectual curiosity and finding proven solutions to real-life challenges.

May 18 - 19 (London): Conversion Conference London 2016

If you have responsibility for the success of a website, two days at Conversion Conference will give you the skills you need to make your site convert better.

May 18 - 20 (Minneapolis): Confab Central Minneapolis 2016

Confab content strategy conferences teach you to create, deliver and manage content that’s meaningful, adaptive and measurable. 

May 19 (Kuala Lumpur): Marketing Predators Kuala Lumpur 2016

Marketing Predators is bringing some of the region’s top marketers to Kuala Lumpur to share their tips and tricks that will help you outperform in the digital economy.

May 19 (Online): Box Virtual Summit 2016

Speak with Box experts one-on-one about what matters to your organization and have an opportunity to leave the event with plenty of downloadable resources to help you with your digital transformation.

May 19 - 20 (Chicago): Marketing Analytics Innovation Summit Chicago 2016

Join more than 100 top industry minds at an executive-led Marketing Analytics Innovation Summit and share challenges and best practices with pioneers in the field.

May 19 - 20 (Toronto): Digimarcon Canada Toronto 2016

Come to DIGIMARCON CANADA 2016 and discover how to thrive as a marketer in a world where everything is digital. Take advantage of our super saver registration rates and secure your seat early.

May 19 - 20 (Universal City): Information Security Summit Universal City 2016

With two keynote speakers, several tracks and forums and four training sessions, it will attract an audience of 1,000 of the country's top public and private sector leaders.

May 19 - 21 (Valencia): Inbounder Global Conference Valencia 2016

The Inbounder is the result of a convergence of diverse expert professionals with concerns in the sphere of digital transformation and culture, willing to share their knowledge.

May 22 - 24 (Scottsdale): M6 Mobility xChange Scottsdale 2016

Now in its sixth year, the award-winning M6 Mobility xChange is the longest running hosted enterprise mobility summit focused exclusively on bringing an executive audience together to discuss strategy, policy, solutions and security to advance their business objectives and to capitalize on the rise of digital technologies.

May 23 - 24 (London): Forrester Marketing Europe 2016

Marketing professionals will learn how to master available options for technologies, agencies, and suppliers in today’s complex marketing ecosystems and orchestrate powerful marketing campaigns and tactics across multiple channels and platforms.

May 23 - 24 (San Francisco): In-Memory Computing Summit 2016

The In-Memory Computing Summit 2016 is an opportunity to reach technical IT decision makers, implementers and developers who make or influence purchasing decisions in the areas of in-memory computing, big data, fast data, Internet of Things and high performance computing.

May 23 - 25 (Washington): Customer Service Experience Washington DC 2016

Join us as we explore the many activities and opportunities that will help your company navigate a successful course in the multifaceted customer service and support world.

May 23 - 25 (Washington): CRM Evolution Washington DC 2016

Join peers, industry leading speakers and exhibitors in Washington D.C. for the new era of CRM Evolution.

May 23 - 25 (Chicago): Shopping Experience Transformation Chicago 2016

Unlock the power of analytics to ensure competitive advantage, increase consumer engagement and achieve product and service differentiation in a crowded market place.

May 23 - 25 (Orlando): Interactions 2016 Orlando

Learn how your organization can deliver an outstanding customer experience, improve business results and ensure compliance.

May 24 (Austin): Rock Stars of Big Data Austin 2016

Come meet the experts who are grappling with and solving the problems you face in mining the value of big data. You literally can’t afford to miss the all new Rock Stars of Big Data 2016.

May 24 (New York): Clean Ads I/O New York City 2016

Focused on making digital advertising cleaner, safer and better, AdExchanger's Clean Ads I/O presents actionable solutions to problems of ad fraud, viewability, ad blocking and transparency.

May 24 - 25 (London): Shift London 2016

Learn how to drive your digital success from the analysts, marketers, geeks, academics and practitioners at ClickZ and Search Engine Watch.

May 24 - 25 (Atlanta): DigitalSummit Atlanta 2016

Digital Summit fills your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies.

May 24 - 26 (Orlando): Loyalty Expo Orlando 2016

Market leaders will be sharing their experiences and insights on customer retention strategies and trends, technologies and solutions to aid their organization on the customer loyalty journey.

May 24 - 26 (London): Programmatic Pioneers Summit London 2016

The Programmatic Pioneers Summit is Europe's most senior level event dedicated to all aspects of the rapidly developing programmatic marketing ecosystem.

May 24 - 27 (Nashville): SiriusDecisions Summit Nashville 2016

Join more than 2,500 of your peers for four days of data-driven best practices research, discussions and networking with sales, marketing and product leaders.

May 25 (Online): [Earley Executive Roundtable] Predictive Analytics, AI and the Promise of Personalization

This roundtable will review the state of the industry and discuss the problems and challenges inherent in understanding and anticipating user needs and ways that organizations can move the needle, improve engagement and move up the personalization functionality maturity curve.

May 25 - 26 (London): Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit London 2016

Learn how to create a superior customer experience, improve customer interactions, develop an analytics strategy, manage data to understand the customer journey and delight customers in the digital age.

May 25 - 26 (Seattle): Chief Marketing Officer Summit Seattle 2016

The Chief Marketing Officer Summit will equip you with strategies to increase your brand engagement, harness the power of data and maximize the opportunities presented by social media.

May 25 - 27 (Boston): SCORE Conference Boston 2016

SCORE 2016 is the only event for customer service executives that combines the latest thinking in customer experience management (CEM) strategy and how to apply those principles to customer operations, such as contact centers.

May 26 (Online): CMSWire Tweet Jam: Where Are We With Predictive Analytics #CXMChat

Where are we with predictive analytics? Find out at our upcoming Tweet Jam.

May 26 (Online): [CMSWire Webinar] Mastering Globalized Content Relevancy

Join CMSWire and Blackboard’s Jon Gold, Director of Web Strategy & Design, to learn how they went about selecting the right technology and processes to master the complexity of their content management operations, being relevant to their audiences and advancing their global footprint.

May 26 - 27 (Bangkok): International Conference On Marketing Bangkok 2016

The Conference will be held on during 26 – 27 May 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme of “The Changing face of marketing: trends, opportunities and challenges"

May 26 - 27 (Amsterdam): Unleashing Internal Digital Communications Excellence Amsterdam 2016

“Unleashing Internal Digital Communications Excellence Summit 2016” will deliver in-depth case studies, practical solutions and vital strategies to drive employee engagement and deliver a top-performing employee engagement function.

May 31 - June 3 (London): Strata + Hadoop World Europe 2016

Strata + Hadoop World is the leading event focusing on how data, machine learning, and analytics are changing not only business, but society itself.

May 31 - June 3 (Sydney): Search Marketing Summit Australia 2016

Search Marketing Summit is a four day event that offers Online Marketing practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific the best place to update their skills.

June Events

June 1 -2 (Paris): SMX Paris 2016

SMX Paris is part of the Search Marketing Expo conference created by Third Door Media and Marketing Land and Search Engine Land editor, industry-leading publications founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman.

June 1 - 3 (New York City): Social Media Strategies Summit New York City 2016

Social Media Strategies Summit is the premier conference series for cutting edge social marketing training and networking.

June 2 - 3 (Toronto): Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Toronto 2016

Source critical trends and winning strategies at this one-stop event for Canada’s elite financial marketers.

June 2 - 3 (Seattle): SMX Advanced Seattle 2016

Come to SMX Advanced and engage with others who speak your native language. Leave your email below to be notified when registration opens and the show agenda is posted.

June 5 - 8 (Las Vegas): Pegaworld Las Vegas 2016

Join us at Pegaworld 2016 to hear success stories from the world’s top brands, network with peers and get the latest scoop on Pega’s solutions.

June 6 - 7 (Vienna): Digital Leadership Forum Vienna 2016

The Digital Leadership Forum brings together digital, marketing and communication managers from large and mid-size organizations.

June 6 - 8 (Amelia Island): Email Insider Summit Amelia Island 2016

Share knowledge with the leading minds in the email marketing industry, hear from and interact with more than 100 senior level brand marketers and solution providers and help drive the email channel forward.

June 6 - 10 (Los Angeles): Social Media Week Los Angeles 2016

Social Media Week Los Angeles (#SMWLA) brings together some of the industries leading companies at the intersection of entertainment, media, marketing and technology.

June 6 - 10 (Mexico City): Social Media Week Mexico City 2016

In its second year Social Media Week Mexico City brings together the top of the industries leading companies at the intersection of entertainment, media, marketing and technology.

June 6 - 10 (Milan): Social Media Week Milan 2016

In its third year Social Media Week Milan brings together the top of the industries leading companies at the intersection of entertainment, media, marketing and technology.

June 7 - 8 (London): Insurance IoT Europe Summit London 2016

Insurance IoT Europe is the only customer built event created specifically to discuss the applications of connected devices in the insurance industry in 2016.

June 7 - 8 (Adelaide): Big Digital Adelaide 2016

Spend two days learning every aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search tactics and tools, social media marketing, blogging and content development.

June 7 - 8 (San Francisco): TrailheadDX San Francisco 2016

Designed for the 2.5-million Salesforce developer community, TrailheaDX is the place to learn new developer skills directly from Salesforce engineers and product leaders.

Learning Opportunities

June 7 - 9 (Basel): Magnolia Conference Basel 2016

Magnolia Conference is the place to meet Magnolia developers and digital marketing users for sharing, learning, networking and getting best practice and product updates.

June 7 - 9 (Sydney): Mumbrella360 Sydney 2016

Mumbrella360 offers an intensive two-day immersion into the latest thinking and best practice across the entire media and marketing landscape.

June 7 - 9 (London): InfoSecurity Europe 2016

Infosecurity Europe is Europe's number one information security event featuring Europe's largest and most comprehensive education programme, and over 315 exhibitors showcasing the most diverse range of products and services to 12,000 visitors.

June 7 - 9 (Chesham): Digital Analytics Hub Europe 2016

The DA Hub offers a unique format of intimate discussion groups where everyone attending has the opportunity to be part of the conversation.

June 7 - 10 (Chicago): IRCE Chicago 2016

Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) provides you with a conference full of industry experts, an exhibit hall filled with the latest and greatest solution providers, and a community made for networking with thousands of like-minded industry.

June 8 - 9 (Utrecht): Information Energy Conference Utrecht 2016

Information Energy is the annual meeting of content and information professionals about trends in managing, using, editing, finding, sharing knowledge and information.

June 8 - 9 (Chicago): Incite Programmatic Summit Chicago 2016

By bringing together the whole ecosystem, you’ll get real-world, tried-and-tested advice from the pros who know best.

June 13 - 14 (Santa Monica): Startup Summit Santa Monica 2016

Startup Summit 2016 is two jam-packed days of inspiration, learning and networking.

June 13 - 16 (National Harbour): Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit National Harbour 2016

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2016 provides you with best practices and strategies so you can maintain cost-effective security and risk programs in order to support digital business and drive enterprise success.

June 14 - 16 (San Francisco): EvolveUX Conference San Francisco 2016

EvolveUX San Francisco brings together user experience (UX), service design, customer experience and business professionals across industries.

June 14 - 16 (New Orleans): CXFS New Orleans 2016

Customer Experience for Financial Services or CXFS is an event that is specifically designed to bridge the gap between customer experience and financial services.

June 15 - 16 (Santa Monica): Digimarcon West 2016

DIGIMARCON WEST 2016 Conference showcases the most audacious and thought provoking speakers in the digital marketing industry, providing attendees with emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, best practices, and insights from successful digital marketing campaigns.

June 15 - 16 (Denver): Digital Summit Denver 2016

Digital Summit fills your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies.

June 15 - 17 (Chicago): CRMC Chicago 2016

Join participants from 150+ retail chains, along with the country's leading vendors in the customer marketing space.

June 17 - 18 (San Francisco): Incite Summit West 2016

The Incite Summit West is the USA's best brand-focused marketing conference.

June 19 - 21 (Vancouver): Call to Action Conference Vancouver 2016

CTAConf is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable marketing tactics on an array of topics, such as conversion rate optimization, email marketing, growth hacking, PPC, analytics, copywriting, landing page optimization, marketing automation, content marketing and more.

June 20 - 21 (Seattle): SocialPro Seattle 2016

Learn strategies and tactics from leading brands and digital marketing agencies that manage paid, earned and owned social media marketing campaigns.

June 20 - 21 (Sydney): Gartner Business Process Management Summit Sydney 2016

The Must-Attend Event For BPM Professionals

June 20 - 21 (New York City): Incite Corporate Social Media Summit New York City 2016

Returning for its 7th year, the Corporate Social Media Summit New York (#CSMNY) is a brand-focused social media conference. 

June 20 - 21 (London): Digital Marketing World Forum London 2016

The Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) brings together the worldwide digital marketing community to tackle industry challenges.

June 20 - 23 (Chicago): eMetrics Summit Chicago 2016

The 15-year strong eMetrics Summit, official conference of the Digital Analytics Association, covers how to achieve digital marketing efficiency and effectiveness. 

June 20 - 23 (Chicago): Predictive Analytics World Business Chicago 2016

Predictive Analytics World for Business in Chicago is the business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics.

June 21 - 22 (New York City): Forrester CXNYC 2016

From critical operational processes that support world-class CX to the corporate cultures and frontline personalities that embody your brand’s promise and value, attendees will gain insights on pacesetting CX performance from leaders in both B2C and B2B.

June 21 - 22 (Chicago): Text Analytics World Chicago 2016

Text Analytics World offers practical solutions and interesting applications of text analytics. Speakers will deliver the latest methods and techniques and you will also have valuable networking opportunities.

June 21 - 23 (London): eTail Europe London 2016

At eTail Europe, you will hear everything about multichannel and e-commerce.

June 22 - 23 (Seattle): SMX Advanced Seattle 2016

SMX Advanced is the only conference designed exclusively for experienced search marketers — and it always sells-out well ahead of the event. Sessions are fast-paced, Q&A-packed, always informative… and don’t stop to cover the basics.

June 22 - 24 (Vienna): CRM Vienna 2016

CRM 2016 is the conference for SAP sales, marketing, e-commerce, service and interaction center management, and asset utilization solutions.

June 23 (Chicago): SEJ Summit Chicago 2016

SEJ Summit "A Day of Keynotes" is a unique conference experience tailored for search marketers.

June 23 - 24 (Austin): Marketing Analytics Conference Austin 2016

Attending MAC 2016, in partnership with Monentum Media, will give you a two-day, fast-track experience where you can learn everything that some of today's leading brands use, collect, analyze your brands data.

June 23 - 24 (London): Ungagged London 2016

Building on its American cousin – UnGagged Las Vegas – UnGagged London is bringing together some of the world’s top SEOs and Internet Marketers in a unique atmosphere.

June 24 (Minneapolis): MnSearch Summit Minneapolis 2016

The MnSearch Summit is a full-day event consisting of learning from industry thought leaders delivering the most forward-thinking digital strategies and tactics.

June 27 - 28 (Berlin): Security of Things World Berlin 2016

Be part of Security of Things World in June in Berlin to tailor your proposition to respond to the security concerns that preoccupy enterprise customers today and find pragmatic solutions to the most common security threats.

June 27 - 30 (Boston): SPTechCon Boston 2016

SPTechCon offers more than 80 technical classes and tutorials — presented by the most knowledgeable instructors working in SharePoint today — to help attendees improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of Microsoft's collaboration and productivity software.

June 30 (San Francisco): Connect San Francisco 2016

NewVoiceMedia’s first conference will combine insights from data, technology and the human mind.

June 30 (London): The Unlocking Programmatics Conference London 2016

Practical Strategies To Maximise Performance, Viewability, Efficiency & Reach For Results-Driven Programmatic Advertising

June 30 (Chicago): Chicago Social 2016

Boxless Media is gathering a crew of nationally-acclaimed digital marketing experts to one stage for a day jam-packed with presentations, exhibits from some of the most respected businesses in digital marketing, a private VIP meet-and-greet reception and an evening networking event.

June 30 - July 1 (London): Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit Europe 2016

Exclusive to this conference, discover best-in-class digital CX innovations in mobile, social, virtual agents, personalisation, customer journey mapping, voice-of-customer (VoC), and analytics.

July Events

July 4 - 7 (Newcastle): AM2016 Conference Newcastle

The Academy of Marketing 2016 Conference, hosted by Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University aims to bring together the brightest and best research and ideas in contemporary marketing, whether they are built on traditional marketing theories and practices or breaking completely new ground.

July 5 - 6 (London): 20:20 Customer Experience Summit London 2016

The 3rd annual 20:20 Customer Experience Summit will bring together 250+ global customer experience leaders and innovators to share insights and ideas to inspire your CX transformation.

July 10 - 14 (Toronto): Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Toronto 2016

Never wait to network—that’s our philosophy. Get started today: join conversations, make connections and spur innovations when you sign up for Connect, our community platform.

July 12 (New York City): Sentiment Analysis Symposium New York City 2016

You'll hear from brand, agency, consultant and technologist speakers, covering analysis and application of sentiment, opinion and emotion and higher-level personality, loyalty, motivation and advocacy measures.

July 12 - 13 (Amsterdam): Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange Amsterdam 2016

This customer insight and data analytics event is for senior executives who want to learn more about customer insight and analytics techniques such as database analysis, customer segmentation, big data, voice of the customer, business intelligence and reporting.

July 13 - 14 (New York City): Digital Publishing Innovation Summit New York City 2016

The Digital Publishing Innovation Summit brings together current leaders and brands within the digital space for two days of knowledge sharing and networking.

July 19 - 20 (Miami): Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards Miami 2016

Marketing executives, along with their small agency and tech partners, will talk collaboration and offer tangible examples and case studies that include how the relationships started, how they’ve evolved, and how they’ve led to campaign successes.

July 20 (Dublin): Learn Inbound Dublin 2016

Network with some of the brightest minds in the Inbound Marketing industry and learn about the latest tools, tactics and strategies in content marketing, SEO and more.

July 20 - 22 (Marina Bay Sands): RSA Conference Singapore 2016

RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan is the leading information security event in the region.

July 21 - 24 (Hong Kong): Global Marketing Conference Hong Kong 2016

The 2016 GMC at Hong Kong will focus on “Bridging Asia and the World: Global Platform for Interface between Marketing and Management” and provide strong contents covering marketing and management related subjects.

July 23 - 24 (San Mateo): ProductCon San Mateo 2016

Join 1,200+ Product Managers and Product Developers at ProductCon 2016 July 23-24 in San Mateo, CA.

July 25 - 26 (Sydney): Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit Sydney 2016

Meet your peers, Gartner analysts and providers to discuss your hottest topics including cloud, mobile, agile development, SOA, modernization, outsourcing, UX, application strategy, governance and more.

July 26 - 28 (Dallas): Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

Attendees at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference will walk away understanding how building relationships and consistently offering engaging content are the two pillars of effective social recruiting strategy.

July 31 - Aug 2 (New York): Affiliate Summit East 2016

There are also a variety of networking events, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts.

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