Laurence Hart
Writer, consultant, baker of pies — contributor Laurence Hart wears many hats.

But in all, he shows a commitment to quality, the value of doing things right (just show him a mediocre pecan pie to test this theory) and a belief in the potential of people to do good work — be it as an information professional or as a human being. 

His articles often serve as a voice of reason, cutting through the hype and rush to purchase to take a step back and look at the big picture.

What is your proudest accomplishment of 2015? 

I'd have to say it is moving forward. There are periods in everyone's life when it is easy to get bogged down and stop. In 2015 it would have been easy for me to just let that happen. Instead I pushed forward and 2016 is looking like a great year because of the work I put in during 2015. Putting one foot in front of the other really works if you just keep at it long enough.

What excites you about your field today?

The people in the field are serious about making a difference. Recently there was debate about whether or not AIIM would continue the CIP certification. The community joined together and expressed how the CIP was important to them, their careers, and the industry. As a result, AIIM recommitted to the CIP. This passion is exciting to me and I hope that the energy can be leveraged to help the industry advance in 2016 after years of running in place.

What inspires you?

My kids and my clients both inspire me. It is a strange mix but both have so much potential in front of them. I can show them something new and it makes the world fresh again. The energy and hope that they have for things that feel old to me reinvigorates my desire to make things better. It gives you hope that things can change for the better if you can just show everyone a better way.

What personal or professional goal have you set for 2016?

In 2016 I want to help the industry secure the path for the information professional. The last few years have been a tad crazy personally and now that I've got things settled I'm motivated to get back out and make a difference. There are a lot of people out there doing good work and the industry needs to make it easier for them to get things done. I can't really nail down what success in a year would look like yet so I'll go with a goal of hiking and running a combined 1000 miles in 2016.

If I had a magic wand and could change one thing about my industry it would be …

I'd merge many of the industry associations into one big association and keep the best parts of each. I'd want the best conference, best research, best passion and best advocacy of each group pulled together into one organization for the benefit of all. Right now there isn't a single association that does everything well. Most people don't have time to support multiple associations, forcing to choose. If I could fix all that in a heartbeat I would.