Consultant, writer, information management specialist, father, husband and ... provocateur. Joe Shepley wears all of these hats. His monthly columns on CMSWire have been known to stir up debate, which have spilled over onto other platforms and mediums. Joe never shies from discussion, but rather embraces it as an opportunity to change someone's mind (or change his own point of view).

As vice president and practice leader at Doculabs, Joe works directly with clients to identify business needs, locate gaps and deliver necessary outcomes. His background as a teacher stands him in good stead during these projects, as he treats every one as an opportunity to educate on best information management practices and strategies.

Helping Organizations Solve Problems

Who are you, in a 280-character tweet? 

I serve — my clients, my co-workers, my family, my friends and my community.

What attracted you to your field and what still excites you about it? 

I love to solve problems of any kind, but the chance to help large, complex organizations solve their problems is something that I absolutely love doing. And the relationships I’ve been fortunate to develop with my clients (some of them now more than a decade old) are very rewarding.

What project are you working on now that our readers should know about? 

Learning Opportunities

We’re kicking off a series of projects to help a client rework their e-discovery processes and also implement effective email management using big bucket retention — conceptually straightforward, but a real bear in terms of organizational culture and change management ... will be an exciting challenge!

What story/stories related to your field will you be following in 2019? 

For me, information risk is something I’m passionate about and spend a lot of time researching — 2019 will be no different!

What was your first paying job? 

I worked on a roofing and siding crew during summers in high school.

Speed round!

  • What word could you happily live without hearing ever again? Ironically
  • What book are you reading now? My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferrante
  • Favorite way to spend a day off? With my wife and four crazy kids
  • If you could go back in time, what period would you go to? First century BC Mediterranean (Greece, Rome, Carthage, Palestine, Egypt, etc.)
  • Quote to live by: "Don’t expect life to be good and seek to explain why bad things happen; expect it to be bad and seek to explain why good things happen."