Symantec Adds Protection for Office, Box

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Software security firm Symantec just released new cloud offerings.

Data Loss Prevention 14 supports Microsoft Office 365 for companies who are using it for cloud-based email and Symantec DLP for Box focuses on sensitive files businesses collaborate on in the Box platform.

Symantec describes them as content-aware solutions that let enterprises identify where sensitive information is stored, as well as who is accessing it and what they are doing with it.

The new releases coincide with published reports that Mountain View, Calif.-based Symantec is cutting 175 customer support jobs at its Springfield, Ore. facility. The layoffs are part of a companywide restructuring that Symantec announced last December would result in workforce reductions of nearly 10 percent or 2,000 employees.

By the end of 2015, Symantec plans to split into two publicly traded companies: Symantec, an information protection business, and Veritas Technologies Corp., an information management firm, which includes backup, recovery, archiving and storage.

The New Products

For cloud storage vendors and cloud-based products like Office 365, access control has always been an issue. This is particularly true at companies where workers resort to using consumer-level file sharing apps that lack enterprise level security. 

As information moves into the cloud, it creates concerns about security, privacy and compliance, a Symantec spokesperson told CMSWire. “For current Symantec DLP customers this means they can now apply the same information protection policies they use on-premise in the cloud. DLP for Cloud Email monitors and protects confidential email sent from Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online,” the spokesperson added.

It can monitor and prevent users from syncing work files from their desktop to their personal accounts from cloud services like Box, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox and email services such as Gmail.

Learning Opportunities

Symantec called the new integration with Box one of the top requests from its DLP customers. Symantec DLP for Box monitors employee accounts. It offers analysis of what is contained in the accounts, how the information is being used and who is sharing it. When sensitive content is detected, it places visual tags on that content and allows users take action inside Box, before the file are shared.

And Now, Microsoft

The release of DLP 14 follows Microsoft's announcement of a private preview of Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a new email filtering service that provides additional protection against specific types of advanced threats.

Asked whether DLP 14 would be extended to other areas of Office 365, the Symantec spokesperson said: “The cloud is another endpoint and Symantec has always provided our customers with leading endpoint security. We’re starting to look at the cloud in a new way and partnering with cloud providers to ensure that users can stay protected and take full advantage of the cloud.”

From this, it would appear to that Symantec is looking at other areas of Office 365, but it remains to be seen in what capacity.

Symantec DLP 14 is available now, while Microsoft’s ATP will be available this summer as an optional service for Office 365 commercial customers.