Corporate learning and knowledge platform Fuse announced a partnership with Go1 last week, a connection the company said will “supercharge the relevance of digital learning content and drive productivity.”

London-based Fuse Universal, founded in 2008 and used by more than 120 enterprises around the world including Vodafone, Panasonic, Scandic, Avon, Mazda and BAe, can now tap into Go1's platform to expand its library of content.

Australia-based Go1 aggregates content from more than 200 third-party libraries such as Skillsoft, Coursera, edX, Blinkist and Intellezy to provide companies with access to content at scale with one central subscription. The partnership will plug Fuse’s AI-powered search intelligence technology into Go1’s platform and its 100,000 pieces of curated content used by 3.5 million users, according to company statistics. That search integration will make content "hyper-searchable and hyper-accessible" to Fuse users in their flow of work.

“By adding Fuse’s search intelligence technology to Go1, we’re also massively reducing the amount of time that learners will spend searching for the answer they need to solve a problem at work, irrespective of whether that answer sits within Fuse or Go1’s content library,” said Fuse CEO Luke Oubridge in a press statement. 

Learning Opportunities

According to Basem Emera, Go1’s vice president for partnerships and alliances, the partnership between Go1 and Fuse will “allow the full power of Fuse's search intelligence to come to life for its customers" and "will drive a deeper search experience to meet the needs of its diverse set of organizations and learners."

Since its founding in 2015, Go1 has raised more than $280 million in funding, including a recent $200 million Series D round that vaulted the company into $1 billion unicorn valuation status. In recent months, Go1 has been building integrations and partnerships with learning content providers and platforms in the quest to become a "Spotify for corporate learning," according to Go1 investor Nagraj Kashyap of Softbank. Recent partnerships include Harvard Business Publishing, Adobe and Microsoft Viva

Emera said the new partnership with Fuse “will support better learner engagement, more self-directed learning, and bigger performance benefits — both for people and business.” The new integration is set to be rolled out to Fuse customers later this month.

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