Tom Petrocelli
Tom Petrocelli's career path shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows him — he grew up surrounded by information technologists and computers.

His 30 plus years in the industry makes it possible for him to weigh in with an informed opinion on our diverse editorial focuses. Tom's participation on our tweet jams is always welcome, as he turns the 140 character limit into a forum for spirited debate. 

And one final note: it isn't every day that a contributor can introduce themselves, but in this case, I'll let Tom do the talking.

What’s your proudest accomplishment of 2015 (personal or professional)?

The work I do for clients and my expanded audience. It’s been great to watch my social media audience grow dramatically over the past year. Helps to validate my work.

What excites you about your field today?

The changes in enterprise software driven by the acceptance of cloud computing. Cloud is driving real enhancements in value and opening up sectors of enterprise software to companies that could never have considered them before. Analytics is a great example of this. It’s becoming much easier to use real analytics and it’s become much more affordable.

What inspires you?

People who want to make positive changes in the lives of others. Professionally, this means developers who care deeply about the user experience and are not just developing software for managers.

What personal or professional goal have you set for 2016?

Expand my client base as always. But also to seek out new and interesting trends. I really like where DevOps is going and will focus more attention on that this coming year.

If I had a magic wand and could change one thing about my industry it would be …

That’s tough. I suppose it would be to see more software executives really get social media rather than handing it over to young people who don’t have the experience to really leverage it. A huge opportunity is being wasted and senior executives don’t spend enough time understanding it.