CMSWire Reader Advisory Board

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By providing diverse perspectives on topics including digital experience, social business, big data, information management and SharePoint, we strive to inform, entertain and inspire you.

But good is never good enough: We want to make CMSWire even better so our readers can work faster, smarter and easier.

So how can our editors, reporters and hundreds of contributors do better?

Tell Us What You Think

When it comes to our readers — our CMSWire community — we're all ears. That’s why we’ve invited six professionals to take the seats on our first Reader Advisory Board. 

A few are CMSWire contributors. Others have been sources for some of our stories. All of them are recognized experts in their respective fields.

We'll meet with this panel regularly to brainstorm, share comments and critiques, and get invaluable feedback on what we're doing right and what we can do better.

The goal here? We want insights on the way we cover news. How we write features. Which stories we should pursue. Which conversations to keep going. Which conversations to phase out. 

The Reader Advisory Board will help us create better content and a better website. Period.

As a staff reporter, I'll work directly with these advisors on behalf of CMSWire. 

Now that you understand the mission, let me introduce you to our Reader Advisors.

And remember: If you have something to say, tweet us or any of our reader advisors.