Every worker wants a few things, according to the CEO of intranet provider Jostle.

“They need to know what’s going on and where they fit in,” said Brad Palmer, CEO and co-founder of 6-year-old Vancouver, BC-based Jostle. “They need to feel like they’re being recognized for what they’re contributing and like they’re part of a winning team that’s accomplishing something.”

Palmer said the Jostle intranet platform is specifically designed to help enterprise workers do those things. The team of 34 had those pillars in mind when designing a new user interface for their platform — to be released officially tomorrow.

Workplace Essentials

“Companies that are super successful have great leadership, a vibrant employee culture, engaged employees and organized teamwork,” Palmer said. “They also share information and celebrate success. Everybody contributes to those things as the work day happens.”

jostle platform screenshot

Jostle's UI update is free for existing users. The new UI comes in desktop and mobile.

Officials said the Jostle platform organizes information into people-centric views and combines this with cross-platform search and its patented TEAMS® technology, which allows information to be targeted and filtered according to the real-time membership of workplace teams.

The typical Jostle homepage includes options for employees to find relevant news, company events, discussions, content libraries, people and teams. The company's goal with the new UI was to keep the search experience simple and intuitive as the amount and variety of content in the intranet expands.

Palmer reported that the company has doubled its revenue and customer base in the last year. He claimed clients see a median 85 percent engagement rate on the Jostle platform. 

“That’s super high,” he told CMSWire. "Usually, it’s under 10."

Alan Lepofsky, vice president principal analyst of Constellation Research and a CMSWire Reader Advisory Board member, specializes in enterprise collaboration platforms. Told about Jostle's 85 percent median engagement statistic, he told CMSWire, "A company’s intranet is the gateway for everything from HR on-boarding and benefit enrollments, to training and education, to content repositories and knowledge bases, Q&A forums, communities and newsfeeds."

"If an intranet truly provides valuable content," Lepofsky added, "why is it ever less than 100 percent engagement?"

Outdated Intranet

One of Jostle's clients is Leawood, Kansas-based Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc. Mandy Stone, director of communications and training for Houlihan’s, told CMSWire the American restaurant chain began to use Jostle in September of 2013. Houlihan’s includes approximately 140 Jostle users across 80 restaurants and also a centralized support center.

What were Houlihan’s pain points beforehand? Stone called her old intranet site “boring,” lacking the capacity to communicate with images or video. It was text only — black and white.

“We had content restrictions to news with business impact only,” she added. “No cultural content was allowed, nor would it have made sense on the platform.”

The old intranet also lacked:

  • The ability to comment or question on news, which led to “lots of confusion and he-said-she-said”
  • Clarity on who the point-person was on projects
  • Search capabilities to find old news stories or library items
  • Up-to-date content library

No master company calendar meant departments worked in silos and often overbooked projects and deadlines. She cited the example of a large-scale marketing offer scheduled the same day as a massive IT POS download, which overburdened the system.

Jostle, Stone said, addressed all of these concerns. Its “events” feature helps her contribute to the functionality requirements. “Events helps you plan major events across the organization,” Palmer said. She also likes Jostle’s “responsive and accessible support team” and its “simple and intuitive platform.”