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  • How to Make One-Time Buyers Repeat Buyers

    How to Make One-Time Buyers Repeat Buyers

    After analyzing data for many businesses, one statistic has always struck me: the number of customers who’ve only purchased once.  Whether it’s for a retail product, travel, charity or financial services, it’s remarkable how many customers never got around to ordering a second time.

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  • Customer Analytics is in the Hands of CMO

    Recently we inquired about the role big data plays in marketing. The answers were mixed. Most everyone agrees that big data can definitely impact the customer experience and customer loyalty, but not everyone understands how to make it happen.

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  • Guiding the Buyer's Journey #gilbane2012

    It is now generally understood that by the time a customer meets with a salesperson to make a potential purchase, they are at the end of a long journey with many stops. Marketing content cannot dictate the path of that journey, but can help guide customers in the right direction.

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