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  • A New Year's Resolution for Native Ads

    The Federal Trade Commission and Interactive Agency Bureau are circling one another on the issue. But here's another approach.

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  • News Bites Mobile Native Ad Exchange More Salesforce Integration

    News Bites: Mobile Native Ad Exchange, More Salesforce Integration

    What's new? Well, there's the first global exchange for mobile-first native ads, another way to integrate Salesforce with Google Apps, a digital asset management (DAM) conference in New York and help for mobile users  interested in editing Microsoft Office documents and other common file types. Native O|X’s Exchange  Native ads are getting a lot of attention. This week, digital ad technology provider OpenX Technologies launched Native O|X, which it describes as “the first global, real time bidding (RTB) exchange specifically for mobile-first native ads.” Apps developers and publishers can use programmatic buying for native in-stream ad formats, mostly in-app.

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  • Ad Network Airpush Buys Hubbl, Promises 1st Native Ad Platform

    Native ads are one of the hot new forms for the old persuasive mode of advertising. This week, mobile ad platform Airpush announced it has bought Hubbl, a mobile ad discovery and personalization provider, and predicted they will jointly create the world’s first comprehensive native ad platform for mobile devices.

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