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  • What is an Online Content Manager?

    When it comes to content strategy, no matter how many times we define it, redefine it or outline it, we can mostly agree that it involves applying, creating and writing content to achieve business goals. An Evaluation of Content Strategy via Job Descriptions We can talk abstractly about

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  • Writing Killer Web Headings and Links

    It's vital to get the first couple of words exactly right when writing effective web headings and links. The first two words have a huge impact on whether or not people will click on a link according to a new study by Jakob Nielsen.

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  • Web Writing: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    How do you get online visitors to take interest in your products or services? Write about things they care about. Most would say that’s brain-dead obvious. Yet, it seems 90% of websites miss the mark completely. The problem: self-absorbed web content. The cause: self-absorbed copywriters and business owners.

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  • Be a Journalist or Just Write Like One

    Just as design, user interface, information architecture and content management are imperative ingredients in a successful Web site, captivating, well-written content is just as essential. Whether you are writing daily news or press releases, writing for the Web is different from writing for print materials.

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