Morgenrot, the leading cloud-based distributed computing provider, is proud to announce the launch of Ai Pool™, a cutting-edge service that empowers businesses of all sizes to rapidly customize, train, tune, deploy, and host their AI models with ease.Ai Pool™ is the world’s first fully customizable service allowing businesses to unlock the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Tailored to specific needs and requirements, Ai Pool™ allows customers to launch their unique AI models to the marketplace that is user-friendly, accessible, and attractive to their target audience. “Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the world we live in today, and we’re thrilled to offer a service that allows entrepreneurs, business owners, and AI engineers the ability to harness its full potential,” said Richard Ming, CEO of Morgenrot US. “Ai Pool™ provides unmatched speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness – along with Morgenrot’s expert support for anyone looking to develop products using AI.

We believe that AI can drive new possibilities and innovation across industries, from AI-powered chatbots and AI in healthcare to instantaneous translation and transcription services. With Ai Pool™, we’re dedicated to providing businesses with the supercomputing power they need to unleash the full potential of AI.“ Ai Pool™ leverages Morgenrot’s proprietary Excalibur™ distributed supercomputing platform to deliver faster, more scalable, and cost-effective processing of AI model requests. With thousands of GPUs at its disposal,

Ai Pool™ enables businesses of all sizes to host and run their own AI models while providing a more cost-effective alternative to existing providers. Ai Pool™ offers a full suite of benefits, including:

  • Customizable solutions tailored to specific business needs
  • High-performance computing power with the Excalibur™ distributed supercomputing platform
  • Accelerated deployment for faster product launch and ROIContinuous training to keep AI models optimized and up-to-date
  • Expert development support from a team of AI specialists
  • Scalability to handle increased traffic and workload
  • Cost-effectiveness, making supercomputing power more accessible

Ai Pool™ provides a range of services that cater to businesses of all sizes looking to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. With access to a vast library of cutting-edge AI models, and the expertise of Ai Pool™’s engineers who will customize, train, tune, deploy, and host their AI models – businesses can unlock new possibilities for growth, innovation, and success. To learn more about Ai Pool™, please visit:

About Ai Pool™

Ai Pool™ is a revolutionary new service from Morgenrot that provides businesses of all sizes with the supercomputing power they need to harness the potential of artificial intelligence. With a unique approach to AI hosting, Ai Pool™ offers custom solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each business, whether it be for building, training, or deploying AI models. With its proprietary Excalibur™ distributed supercomputing platform, Ai Pool™ provides unmatched speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses to create AI products that help to solve complex problems, driving innovation and growth.

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About Morgenrot

Morgenrot is an engineering driven startup that offers cloud based computing solutions which allow end users to access high performance computing power anytime, anywhere as needed.

Our proprietary algorithm Excalibur® platform distributes computing tasks across our global network of thousands of servers, significantly reducing project lead time and overall cost. Morgenrot aims to provide democratized supercomputing services across all industries powered by renewable energy sources to build an earth-friendly digital social infrastructure.

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