Acquia has released its new Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which combines the power of Marketing Cloud and Acquia Drupal Cloud, bringing together content and data to improve the digital experiences that brands can deliver.

Acquia Drupal Cloud is a hosting and development platform for the open source Drupal CMS that makes it easier for companies to design and orchestrate digital experiences. Marketing Cloud is a data-driven marketing platform that streamlines the creation of personalized customer journeys. 

The Acquia Open DXP includes previous acquisitions from the company as well, which means customers can expect Campaign Studio (Mautic) for leveraging CDP data in targeted campaigns and Campaign Factory (Maestro) to scale campaign management across brands and regions. In addition, the platform boasts personalization (Acquia Lift) to target content throughout the customer journey and Site Studio (Cohesion) for creating omnichannel experiences across different channels and touchpoints. The customer data itself can easily be integrated and managed within the CDP (AgilOne) as well.

In addition to the marketing tools, Acquia Open DXP will make it easier for developers to build Drupal sites with Developer Studio, its integrated development environment (IDE), and Site Factory, its tool for managing and scaling Drupal 9 sites and applications. Moreover, CMS Migrate will make it much easier to move from older versions of Drupal and legacy CMS to the recently released Drupal 9.

In other Acquia news, the company recently partnered with Xillio, a content migration software and services company. Xillio will power Acquia’s Migration Re-platform solution, which enables organizations to more easily move their content and data from other CMSs to Drupal 9.

WordPress Released Slew of Beta Versions

The WordPress community has launched several beta versions of WordPress 5.5 in July. The beta releases are critical for polishing the release just weeks before it launches. In fact, hundreds of tickets and feature enhancements have already been completed by beta contributors.

WordPress 5.5 is set to include the last ten versions of the Gutenberg plugin, the platform's new block editor. In addition, the platform will now include XML sitemaps, auto-updates for plugins and themes, enhanced accessibility, lazy loading, and several more miscellaneous changes.

Users can download the beta releases directly or try the new WordPress Beta Tester plugin. The community is targeting the final release for WordPress 5.5 to be August 11th, 2020.

Liferay Portal Community Edition 7.3 Released

The latest edition of Liferay Portal Community Edition: Liferay Portal 7.3 CE was released in July. Here's what Liferay Portal users can now enjoy:

Learning Opportunities

  • Experience Management: Page editors can now revert changes with undo/redo when users edit pages. In addition, page fragments are now auto-saved as drafts to ensure work is not lost while also ensuring that content not yet for prime time is not pushed live.
  • URL Management: Users can now easily check which friendly URLs were used previously and manage them through a GUI. This helps protect users from forgetting previously used URLs and offers a way to restore them if needed. In addition, Liferay will now validate source and destination URLs used in redirects to help minimize errors.
  • Platform Improvements: Our Content Delivery API now exposes not just the basic fields of documents but also the whole set of metadata included in document types. In addition, developers using Liferay's headless APIs now benefit from integration with the Swagger UI tool. This makes it easier to discover which APIs are available and accelerates the development and testing phases of applications consuming headless APIs.

You can see a full list of new features in the official announcement here and download Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA4 here.

SEOToaster 3.2 Released

The SeoToaster (V3.2) is the latest SeoToaster CMS, CRM & Shopping cart version, with a number of new features including SMS support for its CRM component. With major improvements for the UI and the capabilities of the software, SeoToaster customers can now:

  • Visualize sales funnels and predict revenue
  • Set up automated SMS/Email drip campaign
  • Send remarketing campaigns
  • Monitors lead scores and develop new opportunities
  • Generate Net Promoter Score and Manage reviews

The SeoSamba CRM App has also been launched, which tracks and monitors lead behavior (emails, phone calls, text messages, latest login etc.) on the go. Users can easily assign tasks to sales reps and keep an eye on metrics. Download the SeoSamba CRM App for free on App Store & Google Play.

More Open Source News

The Drupal Association has launched the Drupal Steward security program with its partners: Acquia and Pantheon. This service enhances the security of sites built with Drupal. Under Drupal Steward, sites will be protected from highly-critical vulnerabilities being exploited through a network-level mitigation strategy.

Joomla released version 3.9.20, which fixed six security vulnerabilities and included over 25 bugs fixes and improvements. Joomla also partnered with Elastic Email to better connect with the community through transactional and marketing emails.

TYPO3 released version 10.4.5 followed shortly after by versions 10.4.6 and 9.5.20. These are all maintenance releases designed to fix minor bugs and security vulnerabilities. The TYPO3 community recommends upgrading to these versions immediately to ensure your sites are safe.