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Bloomreach brXM 14 Released, Crafter Launches Marketplace, More News

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Its time for another edition of the open source newsbyte, a monthly look back at all the open source news that's fit to print.
Bloomreach brXM v14.0 has arrived, a major release which is not backwards compatible with previous releases.
Key new features for developers include:
  • brXM Security Domains: Simplified security model & configuration, making it easier to comprehend and setup. Additional control over access & privileges for features, content, and channels.
  • Headless Experience SDK: brXM 14' brings about a "completely revamped SDK" for integrating brX and brXM with a decoupled front-end built in a JavaScript framework (such as React, Angular or Vue.js).
  • brX Single Sign On (SSO) & Identify Access Management (IAM): Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) integration is now available. 
  • Updates to B2C Commerce Accelerator: Updates to brXM's B2C Commerce Accelerator serve to support commerce tools & Elastic path integrations. The update includes new support for product variants, multi variants, & product bundles. 
Key new features for brXM end-users include:

  • New UI - Visual Design Update: brXM 14's user interface and navigation are now aligned with the brX and brSM user interfaces. The entire platform now shows and behaves like a single product with navigation between the different product components.
  • Unified UI: Navigation App: The Navigation is a separate application (the 'Nav app') itself, as it is required to work with Bloomreach's SaaS product, brSM. This ensures reliable brX navigation access for developers & marketers in both deployed and local development scenarios.

The release documents can be found here

Crafter CMS Marketplace Launched

Crafter Software announced the launch of its new Crafter CMS Marketplace, which provides numerous community-driven plugins to its growing user base. The public marketplace ensures a high standard of quality and compatibility before accepting any new contribution to avoid many of the challenges other community-driven CMS face.

At the time of launch, the marketplace already has blueprints for building high-quality websites like eCommerce stores, GatsbyJS-drive blogs, live streaming video centers, and many other practical scenarios. These blueprints make it easier for organizations to get new digital experiences to market.

The company expects its open source community and partner ecosystem to continue building new plugins that streamline many common use-cases for the CMS. Along with public blueprints, enterprises have the option of building their own private marketplaces as well if they want.

SilverStripe 4.5 Released

SilverStripe announced the availability of version 4.5. This latest release focused on reducing the friction points of content managers that were introduced during the Experience Debt initiative. 

The minor release also includes a number of small features such as improving the speed of the files area for large sites and many interface updates to improve the editing experience and accessibility. In addition, the release fixes a slew of small issues and bugs.

Learning Opportunities

WordPress Brings Block Editor To Native Apps

WordPress announced that it’s bringing the new Block Editor — which allows for a smoother drafting experience — to native apps. That means users can utilize the editor on-the-go with across a number of mobile devices.

The new editor makes creating content more intuitive because the interface is simplified for a wide array of devices. This update will bring more efficiency to the content creation and editing process for WordPress websites.

Other Open Source CMS News

Typo3 reminded developers that the feature freeze for Typo 10 is approaching. They’re urging the community to make a last-minute creative push for new features, and for authors and maintenance to start making their extensions v10 compatible.

Umbraco 8.5 is the first minor release for the platform in 2020.The release has adopted the long-standing Modelsbuilder into the core codebase of Umbraco and will be maintained by Umbraco HQ.

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