Jahia hosted its annual user conference in Paris Oct. 4 to Oct. 5, and unveiled a slew of updates. Up first, Jahia’s Digital Experience Manager has been updated. Jahia DX 7.3 brings a new and simplified version of its Anthracite interface, which should provide users with “a better overall experience working on the platform,” according to Julie Asselin, Jahia’s Creative Director

Additional features include:

  • New headless capabilities — The Jahia Content and Media Manager, located inside Jahia DX, is now a “full-blown headless CMS,” said Asselin. With it, organizations can deliver personalized content to any channel and for any experience. Content and Media Manager uses its GraphQL API to deliver content creation, localization, aggregation and media management natively.
  • Content & Media Manager integrated with Jahia’s Marketing Factory — To enable personalization and testing along with headless content delivery, Jahia has integrated its Content and Media Manager with its Marketing Factory module.
  • Advanced localization with Local Site Manager — Jahia’s Local Site Manager (LSM) now enables users to reuse pages and content from one site to another. Global companies with a multitude of region-specific websites can now reuse either a whole website, a few pages, or specific content items in one or several languages.
  • Introducing Commerce IO — Commerce IO is a new Jahia connector that integrates with legacy platforms and ecommerce systems such as Hybris. Commerce IO is designed to give marketers the tools to deliver the personalized, end-to-end customer experiences they need without further burdening their IT department.

  • Elasticsearch Integration — Elasticsearch is now available as a fully-integrated module for all Jahia products.

In other Jahia news, Marketing Factory 1.10 was released. Marketing Factory constitutes Jahia’s personalization and A/B testing module, embedded into its DX Platform. The new update brings about third-party analytics tracking for Jahia-delivered sites, enabling truly headless personalization. Plus, Marketing Factory’s integrated Customer Data Platform is available on the new Jahia Cloud.

TYPO3 v9 Released

TYPO3 version 9 has been released and is now available for download. This latest version comes with 160 new features and approximately 720,000 new lines of PHP code.

TYPO v9 is an LTS (Long Term Support) release that will be supported until October 2021, see development roadmap for further details. In addition, the ELTS (Extended Long Term Support), which TYPO3 GmbH offers is supported until October 2024.

The new features in TYPO3 v9 offer a number of improvements for both business users and developers. Notable improvements include:

  • Out-of-the-Box SEO options — The new inbuilt SEO tool automatically generates XML sitemaps and metadata tags. Plus, the SEO tool allows editors to index a page and have full control over how a page title is displayed.
  • Site Management — The new “Sites” module enable back-end users to add and amend a global configuration for either one or multiple sites in a single instance. This includes setting website languages, URLs and other general settings.
  • Admin Panel — The updated Admin Panel provides back-end users with a deeper insight into the internal processes of TYPO3 during run-time. Back-end users can access performance and cache information while accessing the front-end.
  • GDPR — A host of new settings has been introduced to enable users to classify what data should be regarded as “sensitive” and how long that data should be stored.
  • End-user experience — TYPO3 v9 focuses on delivering a better administration experience. A set of tools has been introduced to make content more presentable and make your site more navigation-friendly.

More information about TYPO3 can be found in the press release.

BloomReach Experience Manager v12.6 Released

On Oct. 23, BloomReach launched BloomReach Experience Manager v12.6 (brXM). This new release rounded out the “Projects” functionality with the addition of “Campaigns.”

The new “Campaigns” feature allows content creators to apply temporary or seasonal changes to channels by duplicate channels and the content within, rather than merging changes into the core settings. The duplicated and modified channel will then replace the core channel for a set period, leaving the original channel unaffected. The original channel can be restored at any time. The release notes for brXM v12.6 can be found here.

Hot on the heels of v12.6, BloomReach is also set to announce the release of BloomReach Experience Manager v13 at its community conference BloomReach Connect Amsterdam on Nov. 15. This will be a major release introducing new functionalities and architectural improvements.

In addition, BloomReach announced the finalists for its Partner of the Year Awards 2018. A total of 15 partners in five different categories have been nominated. The announcement of the winners and the awards ceremony will take place at the partner pre-day that precedes BloomReach Connect Amsterdam.

WordPress Aims to Beef Up Security

Speaking at the DerbyCon Cybersecurity conference, Aaron Campbell, security team lead at WordPress, wants to shift WordPress’s focus to keeping its users safe rather than securing the software by patching bugs.

Campbell raised the issue that a substantial amount of users are currently using older versions of WordPress, and it is these users who are facing more risks than the users who are operating their site with more recent versions.

At the moment, WordPress is looking at ways to address this issue. “We're working on figuring out ways to roll those versions forward automatically without breaking sites for people, and essentially we're working to try to wipe those versions from existence on the internet, and bring people forward. It is not an easy problem to solve, but we're working on it.” Campbell said.

Learning Opportunities

The full presentation by Aaron Campbell at DerbyCon can be found here.

Look Back at dotCMS Bootcamp 18

Also in October, dotCMS held its annual conference, dotCMS Bootcamp 18. They welcomed partners and dotCMS users to the sunny city of Miami where presentations were delivered covering topics like headless content management and single page applications. Presentation slides can be viewed here.

Liferay’s Annual DevCon Conference Announced

Registration for Liferay’s annual developer conference, DevCon 2018, is now open. The event will be held at Theatre de Meervaart, Amsterdam Nov. 6 to Nov. 8. The conference will feature 40 speakers, four workshops and a community event. The full agenda is available here and you can register on the Devcon 2018 events page.

A number of free tickets are available for community members. Interested parties should send an email to [email protected] with “FREE DEVCON ticket" in the subject line along with a reason why they should receive a free ticket.

Drupal Releases Urgent Security Patch

In a recent public announcement, Drupal has strongly advised users to install an emergency security patch to address five security vulnerabilities, with two rated as "critical."

Both critical flaws allow for remote code execution. The first flaw, which is found in the PHP back-end, affects Drupal core versions 7.x and 8.x. The second flaw affects the contextual link module found in Drupal 8.x.

A spokesperson for Drupal has suggested that neither of the two critical flaws would be easy to exploit, even if the attacker was authenticated.

DNN 9.3 Release Candidate on the Horizon

In November, DNN will be working on its 9.3 release and will go into a “Code-Freeze” on Nov. 23. The Release Candidate will be made available on Nov. 26. Further information can be found on its product roadmap page.

The annual DNN Summit is due to take place Feb. 19 to Feb. 23, 2019. DNN stated the speaker acceptance emails have been distributed. Further information about the conference can be found on the DNN Summit events page.