Two Days in Paris: Heading for JahiaOne?

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Jahia will pull together more than a year of strategy and development at its annual user conference, JahiaOne. The two-day conference takes place June 11 and 12 in Paris.

From the release of Jahia 7 in early 2014 through Form Factory in December, Jahia has been making strides to free marketing teams from IT constraints.

It's a theme that's resonating with investors: in February, the Geneva, Switzerland-based open source content management system (CMS) vendor got a $22.5 million cash infusion from Invus, a New York City-based investment firm.

The funds will help CEO Elie Auvray grow Jahia's customer base, especially in the enterprise space. Auvray told CMSWire the company planned to further develop its user experience platform to improve integration with third-party platforms — an apparent sign of more technology partnerships to come.

Digital Industrialization

Ellie Auvray
Auvray described Jahia’s driving principal as digital industrialization. According to Auvray, this means Jahia offers solutions to all of a worker's IT needs -- from the identification of needs to the delivery of a solution to meet those needs.

It also offers organizations the ability to respond to business needs quickly and automatically to speed their digital evolution, he said.

At JahiaOne next week, Auvray and his team outline the digital industrialization strategy as well as Jahia's vision for the unified customer journey.

Jahia spokeswoman Anne de Forsan said digitalization has created two key customer expectations when they interact with brands online.

The first is to be recognized as unique. This implies the development of customer experiences that take into account their history with the company, their orders, their loyalty benefits and their purchases on any device, be that on the web or via native mobile applications.

The second expectation is to be able to control their data privacy.

Learning Opportunities

Connecting the Dots

Addressing these expectations is a feasible but challenging task for IT departments, she said.

At JahiaOne, Jahia will outline the progress it has made to date, with a focus on two themes:

Marketing Factory — Jahia’s new digital marketing personalization and optimization engine — will be unveiled at the conference. It enables digital marketing teams to collect, analyze and adapt to their digital customers’ expectations and behavior, without help from their IT team.

Ethical WEM — Jahia is contributing a reference implementation for a standard protocol for the exchange of customer data between web servers to the Apache Foundation as an incubator project. Jahia's aim is to address web privacy issues in a 360 degree-with-privacy view of online customers.

The conference will also include more than 30 sessions in four majors tracks:

  1. Unified Customer Journey
  2. Delivering a Unified Customer Journey
  3. Customer Testimonials
  4. “Under the Hood” of the Unified Customer Journey

There will also be a hackathon that will allow for hands-on on Jahia Form Factory development and a certification session, which will enable developers to validate their Digital Factory 7 expertise.