TYPO3 version 10.0 has been released, with TYPO3 claiming it is “the first sprint release on the way to the long-term support (LTS)-version in 2020.”

According to the TYPO3 blog announcement, the first version of the v10 series is meant to clean up and get rid of old functionality that is considered outdated or was kept for legacy reasons. "New concepts and methods were introduced in TYPO3 v9 and have been proven to be successful. Now it’s time to remove the legacy layer and to stabilize the new APIs. In addition, we introduced new concepts in version 10.0 which will be improved even further during the subsequent sprint releases of the TYPO3 v10 series."

Here’s a closer look at TYPO3 version 10.0:

  • Standardized Site Handling: Native site handling was introduced in TYPO3 v9 LTS — the foundation for deterministic URL handling as well as multisite and multi-language functionality. TYPO3 v9 still allows integrators to use sys_domain records (the old method of a multi-domain setup). This compatibility has been removed and setting up a site is now mandatory in v10.0. TYPO3 integrators benefit from the numerous advantages of a consistent and standardized site handling and faster ramp-up times for new sites.
  • PHP Class/Property Analysis: Extbase (the powerful MVC framework used in TYPO3) enables core and extension developers to write awesome functions for TYPO3 in a clean and consistent way (“convention over configuration”). The analysis of custom PHP classes and their properties is a key function of Extbase. In TYPO3 v10, this task is now handled by Symfony's PropertyInfo Component
  • New Event Dispatcher: TYPO3 has now added an Event Dispatcher to the TYPO3 core (clearly specified in PSR-14), that has the same API as the Zend Framework or Symfony's EventDispatcher Component. “Events” will be added over the course of the next TYPO3 sprint releases and this technology aims to replace hooks and Signal/Slots in the mid-term.
  • New mailer API: Previously, TYPO3 used the feature-rich SwiftMailer library to generate and send out emails. However, TYPO3 10 will leverage a Symfony solution with a modern API:  the “Mime” package for composing emails and “Mailer” package for processing and sending them.

Find out more about TYPO3 v10 here.

XML Sitemaps Could Become Part of WordPress Core

In a recent blog post, the WordPress team announced it was mulling over a new feature proposal: XML sitemap generation as part of WordPress Core. 

Traditionally, XML sitemap generation has been handled by third-party plugins, resulting in nonstandardized sitemap sprouting up across the massive WordPress ecosystem of websites. Also, many not-so-internet-savvy webmasters aren’t familiar with the benefits of sitemaps, and thus never seek out the plugins required. 

Learning Opportunities

To get involved in building this WordPress feature, comment on the proposal, follow the Core team blog, and join the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack group.

More Open Source CMS News

Magnolia CMS recently released two maintenance releases in the form of 6.1.1 and 5.7.4. Both updates bring security enhancements, updated library versions and minor fixes.

Drupal has called for participation in its 2019 Business Survey, which focuses on the development of the Drupal landscape and on the communities expectations of Drupal 9 in particular.

Joomla released two security and bug patches this month, in the form of Joomla 3.9.9 and 3.9.10. The project’s stakeholders also announced that the YOYOW Foundation has become a Platinum Global Sponsor of Joomla.

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