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Hey marketers, want to make better sense of your data so you can reach your target audiences?

Let me tell you about a new tool that promises to help you reach that goal, quicker.

Rhiza for Marketing is an online platform designed to help marketers sift through large sets of data to find actionable insights, the company boasts.

Josh Knauer

“When we talk about how to make something actionable — more useful — whether it’s big or small data, in business it’s about making better decisions with all of the information, and building context around those decisions,” Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza told CMSWire.

“For marketers, it’s about whom you want to target, which messages resonate clearly, and where you can reach those people out in the marketplace – across all media.”

Rhiza, a Pittsburgh-based marketing analytics firm, has grown to 30 employees since it was founded in 2008. It occupies about 7,000 square feet of office space in the city's Shadyside neighborhood — and is looking to at least double in size this year to accommodate growth of its sales, marketing and customer service teams.

It closed a $3 million Series A funding round led by Draper Triangle Ventures in June 2014. Camp One Ventures and Arthur Ventures also participated.

Not Just for Digital Marketers

Knauer is quick to point out something that may not be especially obvious. Because of the many channels available to reach different audiences, Rhiza for Marketing is not just for digital marketers.

“As much as everyone loves to give press to digital media, there are lots of people influenced by TV ads, and millions of people listening to radio and influenced by billboards,” he said. “Add that to the mix with all of the different ways to target, and the landscape for marketing has become very complex.”

For this reason, he added, it’s difficult for marketers to reach their target audiences in a specific way.

“Figuring out whom you want to reach with great specificity is one of the biggest problems marketers face,” said Knauer. “They have to go through hundreds of billions of records to find the needles in the haystack that they need to understand how to reach the right audiences in the most effective way possible.”

For example, he continued, with Rhiza for Marketing, marketers in the pre-campaign phase of the marketing cycle have the ability to modify questions and search for insights on very specific target audiences, such as women between the ages of 35-45 who like gardening, drive fuel efficient vehicles, drink wine, and watch Dancing with the Stars.

“The real innovation is that those types of inquiries can happen quickly,” he said.

Visualizations Make Data Accessible

One of the ways the platform makes it easier for more than just analysts to access a company’s big data, said Knauer, is the range of visualizations available.

“Rhiza gives users the tools to visualize their data, compare disparate data sets, create heat maps, charts, graphs and indexes, and do it all within seconds,” he said. “Our visualizations make data something that’s accessible to everybody, rather than something only trained analysts can understand and interpret.”

Rhiza for marketing

In addition to making it easier to glean insights at a glance, Knauer added that marketers could repurpose these visuals in many different ways.

“If you’re creating an ad sales presentation, writing a marketing plan or even launching a public policy campaign, data — presented in the graphic formats Rhiza provides — can be invaluable,” he said.

Presentations created with Rhiza can be exported directly to PowerPoint, mobile devices or the web.

The platform also gives users the ability to create their own infographics, which is especially useful in profiling, said Knauer.

He used the example of a television network wanting to gain additional insights about their own audience.

“They likely already have a great amount of data on their viewers in terms of age, gender, education level, income bracket, consumer behavior and media consumption habits,” he said.

“They can plug their raw data into Rhiza, which I should mention is a very easy-to-use software, and now anybody on their staff can quickly and easily create visualizations showing, say, what percentage of their viewers own luxury cars, who those viewers are and which programs they watch. A profile of a luxury car buyer emerges almost instantly.”

Knauer concluded that the insights gathered by Rhiza are useful to functions and roles across the business, including ad buyers, PR professionals and sales people.

“The practical applications of having democratized data at everybody in an organization’s fingertips in this way are countless.”

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