MapR has the best big data technology in the market. At least that’s what Jack Norris, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, believes.

“I don’t think there’s any dispute about that when we’re talking about the enterprise,” he clarified, citing the fact that Forrester rates his company’s software as the top ranked Big Data Hadoop Solution. Ditto for its NoSQL Key-Value Database and NoSQL in Hadoop offerings.

“Our competitors (Cloudera and Hortonworks),” he explained, “lack real time and real enterprise features”.

But that may not be all that will be missing when MapR’s 5.0 distro becomes available later this month. It’s being unveiled at the Hadoop Summit today.Norris said that it was built to empower the enterprise with agility and to extend Hadoop’s real time capabilities.

Right Now Insights

When big data and fast data are brought together on a single platform an entirely new kind of enterprise application can be built. “We can now look not just at what happened, but at business as it’s happening right now,” said Norris. This promises to provide companies with unparalleled opportunities to increase revenues and streamline costs.

Not only that, but also these real time capabilities can also be actualized in highly regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, where data security is of key concern. Norris cited specific customers as examples, such as Cisco with its edge security and Solutionary which provides IT security and compliance services.

The Geeky Overview

MapR 5.0 more specifically:

Extends the MapR real time, reliable data transport framework, used in the MapR-DB Table Replication capability; to deliver and synchronize data in real time to external compute engines. It also leverages Elasticsearch to enable synchronized full-text search indexes automatically without writing custom code.

Learning Opportunities

Adds Hadoop 2.7 including YARN 2.7 support to enable new features like YARN application rolling upgrades to complement the platform-level rolling upgrades already supported by MapR, as well as integrated Docker container support.

Enhances MapR’s data governance and security with comprehensive auditing for all data accesses via log files in JSON format, enabling extensive reporting and validation and quick analysis with Apache Drill.

Provides support for Apache Drill 1.x, including Drill Views. In order to delivers secure access to field-level data in files to ensure only authorized data can be analyzed by specific analysts. Analysts can also be given data governance privileges in which they can share their data sets with other analysts, an important capability for retaining agility in a big data environment.

Hadoop Growth Muted? Not at MapR

The growth of Hadoop in the Enterprise might be muted according to a recent Gartner report. It’s a problem that should worry our competitors but not us, said Norris. “They (Cloudera and Hortonworks) lack real enterprise and real time capabilities. We don’t,” he explained.

MapR is way ahead of the competition through Norris’ eyes.

It will be interesting to see what others think.