Good things come from connecting the dots. 

That’s what Elastic’s products help companies do. Based on open source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK), Elastic’s commercial products are leveraged by an impressive list of organizations to do some equally impressive things. 

Consider that the US Geological Survey uses the ELK stack to enrich seismographic data with social media data in order to better assess and react to earthquakes. That McGraw Hill Education leverages it to search, index and rank content recommendations from the virtually unlimited data on the Internet in order to create self-adapting textbooks, and that NASA uses it to glean insights from data being generated by the Mars Rover.

It’s no wonder that the three-year-old startup has had its open source stack downloaded more than 25 million times by coders at millions of startups and problem solvers at most of the Fortune 500 firms. Developers have used it to help companies like Verizon bulldoze through 500 billion documents and Yale University’s Department of Laboratory Medicine uses it to power through the research database it uses to identify novel causes of cancer, potential therapeutic targets and to determine if patients are eligible for clinical trials.

Elastic is spreading like wildfire and it’s the developers who are fanning the flames.

So it goes to follow that today Elastic brings two new hosted products to market — Found Standard and Found Premium. They’re both Elasticsearch-as-a-Service offerings that make it seamless and simple to get busy in minutes instead of hours, days or months.

A Developer’s Playground with All the Best Toys

What’s special about Found Standard (aside from the fact it comes with free Kabana 4 and automated backups) is that it doesn’t tie developers’ hands. For $45 a month, they can go as big and as a bold as they need to. 

“If someone’s sitting at work or at home and they have an idea, they can set something up, build it and tear it down easily,” explained Jeff Yoshimura, VP of Worldwide Marketing.

Learning Opportunities

Elastic’s goal is to encourage innovation and experimentation; the idea being that some incredible things and use cases will be created which might eventually need commercial level support.

Ready for Work

Found Premium is geared toward startups and enterprises with mission-critical applications who desire to use Elasticsearch as a hosted and managed cloud offering. It provides all of the benefits of Found Standard plus 24x7 support, direct access to the Elastic team and Elastic’s premium subscription support services. In the near future, Elastic plans to provide Found Premium members with access to and pre-integration with Elastic’s enterprise commercial plugins: Shield, Watcher and Marvel.

Think of Found Premium as the logical next step for those who have built commercially viable products on Found Standard and don't want to host them on their own. Moving from Standard to Premium might literally be as easy as flipping a switch (once you’ve made a deal with Elastic, that is).

Equal Flexibility and Grace

One of the reasons Elasticsearch and Elastic’s commercial plugins like Marvel, Shield and Watcher have been so well and widely received so quickly is ELK’s inherently “equal flexibility and grace,” as Tanya Bragin, director of product management at Elastic puts it. It’s hard to get one without sacrificing the other, but Elastic shows that it’s possible whether it’s querying data in documents, content, log files, IoT … or any combination thereof. 

The introduction of Found will make it easier for more of us to connect the dots.

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Title image by paisleyorguk