Boston-based Deep Information Sciences relaunched this year with a plug-in that it claims can dramatically increase MySQL's performance and scalability issues. This is done already at the front end, but DIS' secret sauce is that it attacks this problem at the database layer instead.

The product, DeepSQL, is an intelligent and adaptive self-tuning database engine that, once installed as a plug-in for MySQL, optimizes the resources available to best manage workloads.

Machine Learning Is Behind the Optimization

It uses the same API and relational model as MySQL API to keep it simple for users.  What Deep Information Sciences is bringing to the table is a machine learning-based methodology as it optimizes the resources and workloads. For example, when new resources, such as CPI or RAM are added, the system automatically adjusts to take these into account. Ditto the data workloads: the system automatically optimizes depending on usage patterns and capacity.

The end results -- at least per the figures provided by DeepSQL -- can be astounding, delivering 200% faster page loads and 39 times faster transactions, according to the company. Other benefits include reduced bandwidth, storage and Google-related costs.

The WordPress Ecosystem

So far, six early adopters have gone live with DeepSQL and more announcements are to come in the last quarter of 2015 and first quarter of 2016, Deep Information Science's CEO, Les Yetton told CMSWire.

Digital companies building and managing their own websites  have expressed interest in DeepSQL, but there has been a lot of interest from managed service providers for WordPress as well — an intriguing development for the company as DeepSQL will be de facto used by many multiples of customers if and when these companies pull the trigger and deploy the plug-in to support their platforms.

At least one has: Minneapolis, Minn.-based GEMServers. It is a managed service provider that was seeking such a solution -- or rather, any kind of solution -- that would enhance its product's productivity. It stumbled upon DeepSQL via a Web search and incorporated it into its offerings when it made its own relaunch last week.

The efficiencies DeepSQL delivers makes it possible to offer a wide array of services as part of its hosting platform GEMServers founder John Teague told CMSWire.

DeepSQL, he said, "is the ultimate gamechanger for managed service providers" because of its big data performance and new efficiencies.