It’s likely SAP co-founder and multi-billionaire Hasso Plattner knows a bit about running a business. He’s twice as rich as Donald Trump, at least according to Wikipedia.

But Plattner is far less likely to shoot from the hip — he has made both his name and his fortune by putting game changing, technology into the hands of enterprise decision makers, and by being his own best customer as well.

The Boardroom Redefined

Hasso plattner
In this digital era of data and analytics, Plattner believes corporate boardrooms require a new set of tools.

Yesterday’s technologies won’t cut it. That’s what he told a crowd of ogling executives at SAP’s user conference, SAPHHIRE NOW last spring.

Today’s business leaders need to be able to ask detailed questions such as “Where are we now?” and “How did we get here?” he argued. And to drill into data, down to a fine line, in real time and in context, before the best, most informed decisions could be made, he said.

Plattner then teased his audience with a demo of the Boardroom of the Future. It was something that SAP was using internally, but it wasn’t market-bound, yet. That changes today.

Faster, Easier Insights

Today at SAP’s TechEd conference in Las Vegas, SAP will announce its intent to release the SAP Digital Boardroom.

It will not only leverage big data, real time and predictive analytics, but it will also make it easy to operationalize insights once decisions are made.

Built on SAP’s super-fast, in-memory SAP HANA platform, it features user defined digital dashboards so that business executives can easily explore data visually, ask questions, search for answers and such.

“It’s interactive,” Nic Smith, senior director of marketing for analytics at SAP, told CMSWire.

He likened it to the collaborative experience of the Tom Cruise character in Minority Report. It not only crunches data; it also helps decision makers see it according to their areas of responsibility and concern.

A CFO, for example, might view data through one lens, while a human resources executive might view it from an entirely different angle. Corporate boards and executives, when they are at their best, do all that they can to assess the impact of their decisions on all of their constituents before taking action.

Why SAP?

SAP is in a unique position to bring the digital boardroom to market via a digital approach that aims to contextualize and simplify performance reporting across all areas of business in real time.

Built on the SAP Cloud for Analytics solution, SAP Digital Boardroom is expected to use line-of-business data from SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform to provide a single source of truth about a company’s critical business metrics.

Not for the Enterprise Only

SAP Digital Boardroom will be delivered in a fully scalable, multitenant environment at a price point that is expected to be within reach of any individual or company that wants to sign up and get going quickly. Anticipated customer benefits include:

  1. Transparency – Standards-based reporting on financials, operations, marketing and sales are based on a single source of the truth, delivered in real time, with no data duplication.
  2. Instant data-driven insights – Analytical exploration functions use a simple user interface to address ad hoc questioning and support improved decision making.
  3. Simplified processes – An intuitive user interface enables natural interactions based on a single-screen experience. It is delivered through a modern touch-screen experience, whether you use a projector, a laptop, or a wearable device. Visualizations of live data eliminate static presentations. New collaboration features assign and track action items even outside of scheduled meetings.

In an always on, digital world, data-driven decisions can’t wait. The promise here is that with solutions like SAP’s Digital Boardroom, they may not have to.

Title image by Benjamin Childs.