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Actiance is integrating its Socialite social media management platform with through a new connector. Socialite provides granular control for social networking sites, including the specific ability to manage access and content shared across 200 features on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

More specifically, Socialite helps employees use social media networks to share pre-approved content and track key connections. It also measures social media impact and aids engagement across social media channels. Socialite logs conversations and content, captures posts and deletes, messages and commentary, and provides for the export of data to an archive for post review and retention. The platform includes an analytics engine that allows managers to analyze the impact of the distributed content within their network and measure the results on sales and network growth.

Making Sales More Social

By integrating Socialite with, Actiance says it will provide users with a complete set of metrics across the two platforms to evaluate current sales programs, highlight top-performing employees and identify best practices. The integration will link Socialite connections to a user’s Salesforce accounts and contacts, send Socialite activity to Salesforce when contacts provide feedback or respond to posted content, and delivers summary reports of social activities from Salesforce contacts. In addition, Actiance says the integration will help keep user social activities compliant with various industry and government regulations.

Compliance No Jive for Actiance is not the first social business solutions provider Actiance has integrated its technology with. In November 2011, Actiance partnered with Jive Software to help ensure that communications that occur within Jive are properly recorded and reported based on applicable laws. Moreover, those with restricted access to certain areas of the business were enabled to freely interact with all employees through the company's social business software. Communications are archived in the background without any extra action from any user, or even their knowledge.  

While the Jive integration is the result of a full partnership, rather than the release of a connector, and is more narrowly focused on compliance, it is still indicative of Actiance’s desire to extend its functionality into the enterprise social networking sphere. Actiance has also previously partnered with major consumer social networking providers such as LinkedIn and provided an API for Facebook.

The Salesforce connector will be generally available on August 31, 2012 as a no-cost option for Socialite users.